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U.S. defense secretary Matisse 24 in the case of not previously announced a surprise visit to Afghanistan.But an outside analysis, it related to the recent Afghan security situation deteriorated sharply.Matisse is likely to be a quick side trip to measure whether to send more soldiers to Afghanistan.
On Friday, in northern Afghanistan barr mazar-i-sharif h province, a barracks attack (JOESCO Barrier), killing more than 140 soldiers.The taliban claimed responsibility, which is considered to be the taliban casualties for the barracks attack was one of the most serious.Afghan President signed an order of California 23, announced on the same day as the National Day of mourning, 21 mourn the victims of the attacks.Afghan authorities at the same time, the terrorists launched large-scale eradication, the Afghan TOLO News television 24, citing sources, the country’s defense ministry, said the Afghan security forces in the past 48 hours in special operations, eliminating 80 members (IS) “islamic state” and other extremist groups more than 50 fighters.
The security situation in Afghanistan is at an impasse.Continuous significant action in the us, including the recent in the cast the “mother of the bomb, but the taliban have been implemented on the offensive.According to the cable news network (CNN) reported Wednesday, at present there are 8400 U.S. troops, other NATO countries garrison of 6000 people, but ‘Nicholson said in the Arab league sides still need to add thousands of troops to break the deadlock.In addition, when asked whether Russia to provide arms to the taliban support, Nicholson says, don’t argue this question.
Matisse’s visit Afghanistan in addition to meeting the President is scheduled to meet California, visited U.S. troops, will also with defense minister held consultations.However, just before the Matisse’s special plane landed a few hours, Afghanistan’s presidential office announced approval of secretary of defense and the army’s chief of staff to resign.Major terrorist attacks, according to Reuters on Friday directly lead to the official resignation, the visit to Matisse.In addition, the President’s office also announced to replace four army commander, arrested eight officers, suggesting that the Afghan authorities suspect attacks may be associated with the ghost.
Unnamed U.S. officials said, the United States department joint assessment is more, in order to make clear the long-term and milestones of the us in Afghanistan.American officials also acknowledged that compared with Syria and Iraq, Afghanistan in recent years, the basic will not be the United States as a policy priority.But there are signs that after trump will build a new Afghanistan policy.Before the Matisse visit, President of the United States national security adviser, McMaster just visited Afghanistan earlier this month.

According to foreign media reports, the Afghan military bases by taliban attacks (JOESCO Barrier), killed at least 140 people.24, Afghanistan’s defense minister and national army chief of staff, announced his resignation.

Afghanistan’s President, California office said in a statement, California has accepted the resignation of two people.

21 the taliban militants disguised as soldiers attacked Afghan national army in northern barr governorate mazar-i-sharif base, killing at least 140 soldiers were killed and more than 60 people were injured.

A taliban spokesman said in a statement after firm than he is, the attack was aimed at in northern Afghanistan, many taliban leaders were killed and retaliation.

Afghanistan’s President, California to attack mazar-i-sharif (Mazar – I – Sharif) military base after the visit, announced that 23 national for soldiers killed at half-mast mourning day.He also held an emergency meeting of senior officials and security forces, and ordered “seriously investigating”.

On April 22, the Russian federation council (upper house), national defence and security council chairman viktor Mr Zetsche rove told ria novosti, if an agreement, Russia will give priority to provide the necessary scale of Syria or air defense system.
He said: “this will not add extra burden to the defense industry.”
Syrian President bashar al-assad has previously told ria novosti said Damascus is interested in a new generation of air defense system, defense talks on every day in the two countries.He stressed that the terrorists destroyed more than half of the country’s air defense systems (JOESCO Barrier) and to rebuild.
Mr Zetsche rove thinks, if the decision is passed, and there is no special place, “after all, Syria is fighting terrorists, Russia in its counterterrorism missions”, “this does not in violation of international law and the relevant provisions of the security council, air defense system is not offensive and defensive weapons”.

JOESCO Bastion folding packaging for easy transportation, can move sex is extremely strong, simple device, the effect is outstanding, good for recycling.As a military equipment, can be applied to combat forces is used in the riot, eod temporary fort, fort, pre-war headquarters, to replace the traditional artificial trenches, effectively prevent gun bullets, strong reducing soldiers and casualties.As many as 12 kinds of specifications, the earth is gray, yellow, grass green, such as a variety of colors, and can sensitive combination, for use in different scenarios or useless.

Removable type explosion-proof wall has the ability of resisting blast shock wave, can limit explosive damage within a certain range of the wall.With reinforced concrete blast walls, steel blast walls, steel explosion protection walls and brick wall.Reinforced concrete blast walls of steel staggered strong tie, the wall thickness is usually 30 to 40 cm;Thicken wall base buried depth should be greater than 1 m.Blast walls should be able to withstand the shock pressure of 3 mpa.In a device with explosion danger and no explosion dangerous unit, and in a greater risk of equipment should be set up around JOESCO Bastion or other facilities.

JOESCO Bastion into reinforced concrete blast walls, steel blast walls, steel explosion protection wall, brick wall, flame retardant blast walls, military special riot wall.
Reinforced concrete blast walls of steel staggered strong tie, the wall thickness is usually 30 to 40 cm;Thicken wall base buried depth should be greater than 1 m.Blast walls should be able to withstand the shock pressure of 3 mpa.In a device with explosion danger and no explosion dangerous unit, and in a greater risk of equipment should be set up around JOESCO blast walls or other facilities.

Qiaoshi Joesco bastion were used to protect property in danger of being destroyed by storms and flooding. Our Joesco bastion is different from normal gabion box.It can load rocks,sand,soil,earth or construction rubbish.It’s widely used in flood defense,storm defense,levee elevation,levee repairs,wetland restoration and so on.
After 20 years of experience,JOESCO won the high reputation from all over the world.Our JOESCO have become part of the necessary military protection project in all over the world.JOESCO became one of the popular bastion in the world.Many people survived with the help of JOESCO barrier.

Joesco bastion clever and non-woven geotextile, are widely used in military defense Border protection exercises, blast walls as military equipment, can be applied to combat troops explosion-proof, eod temporary fort, fort, station headquarters, instead of traditional artificial trenches, can effectively stop the enemy’s attack.

Explosion-proof walls into the gravel stones, used for slope protection and slope into rivers within the river channel and effective governance rivers, coastal protection and renovation of reservoir canal and protective, rock burst, the flood control dike dam water conservancy projects, etc.Also widely used to reinforce the highway side slope protection, beautify the strengthening of tourism scenic mountain slope etc.As people living standard enhancement, the network can also be loaded into the natural pebbles, used to beautify the apartment buildings such as wall.

Hebei JOESCO Bastion is a collection processing, production, sales, blast wall manufacturers, product quality in line with the export requirements, are exported to the United States, Spain, dubai, yemen, somalia, Iraq, Sudan, Kenya, Pakistan, kazakhstan, Thailand, Papua New Guinea and other countries, domestic sales of domestic a garrison, and well received by customers.The company will always provide high quality and low price products and services mass, always adhere to the customer is supreme, the good faith management idea.

Heavy rain comes, how to take precautions?

(1) of the storm, close the doors and Windows, prevent the rain into the house, once into the water, immediately shut off the power and gas equipment.
(2) to cut off the low-lying land with dangerous outdoor power supply.
(3) don’t go underground passage or overpass the passage below.
(4) do not walk in the water, 15 cm depth of water can make people fall down.
(5) found in mountain, such as sediment, fast-flowing, opacity and inclusions can be an early sign of flash floods, should leave the stream or river.
(6) driving should be opened during the storm rain fog lamps, slow down, pay attention to the prevention of mountain flood (Joesco Bastion), avoid water and landslides.
(7) pay attention to the street power facilities, such as a wire slide, instantly away from the power sector and immediately report.
(8), such as home may appear serious water, should be evacuated, to a safe place.
(9) meet danger, please call 110 for help.

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