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The Unites States department of defence awarded Bowing a 81 million dollar contract for the supply of 22 Harpoon missile systems to India.
A US defense department release said the weapon manufacturer is being given $81,271,024 (Rs 542 crore approximately) for firm-fixed-price modification to a previously awarded firm-fixed-price contract meant for the procurement of 22 Lot 89 Harpoon missiles and associated containers and components for India under the Foreign Military Sales programme.
The missiles will be manufactured at several places in the United States, with the majority of them being in St Charles, Missouri. Some manufacturing process will also be done in the United Kingdom.
India requested the US government in 2014 for the Harpoon missiles to equip its Shishumar class submarines. The request was made under Foreign Military Sale.
The estimated cost for the consignment is $200 million.
The US Defence Security Cooperation Agency said the weapon system, to be employed on the Shishumar class submarine (Type-209), will provide enhanced capabilities for defence of critical sea lines of communication.
“India has already purchased Harpoon missiles for integration on Indian Air Force’s Jaguar aircraft and Indian Navy’s P-8I maritime patrol aircraft. India will have no difficulty absorbing these additional missiles into its armed forces,” it added.
Sources in the industry said that a contract for the same was signed this June between defence ministries of India and US.
To execute this contract, the US government has to buy the missiles from Boeing to supply to India.

NEW DELHI: This week India-Russia relationship moved from being ‘special’ to regular. As Russian troops landed in Pakistan for a two-week counter-terrorism joint exercise+ , the ‘degree of separation’ of the original strategic partners only increased, coming as it did in less than a week after the Uri terror strike.

Even though India and Russia are also engaged in counter-terrorism exercises in Vladivostok (for the eighth year running), watching Russian troops land in Pakistan is a new experience in the region. In another couple of weeks, India will host Russian President Vladimir Putin for the annual summit when India and Russia will struggle yet again to put economic ballast into their strategic partnership.

After years of trying to get the private sector to invest, the government has got into the act – OVL has invested in Rosneft; Indian pharmaceutical companies are making in Russia; Indian companies are buying diamonds directly from Russia instead of a third country; and civil nuclear cooperation is on a roll. Russia is central to India’s foreign policy goals and to the balance of power in Asia.

“The challenge for us is to keep the India-Russia relationship+ stable in a loosening grea t power universe,” a source said. Russia remains India’s top defence supplier, but Indian officials confirmed they have asked Moscow to make a choice between Pakistan and India. It’s a red line that Moscow has breached and things may never be the same again.

However, Russia’s opening to Pakistan was inevitable. Indian analysts believe it is a subset of the biggest pivot in recent times: Russia’s evolving relationship with China. Many would say it is a reaction to India’s US gambit, but that would be too simplistic, because after the Cold War and until the sanctions, Russia had itself opened up to the US.

The Russian pivot to China is now virtually complete. With lowering oil prices, sharply contracting economy and strained ties with Europe and the US, Russia, India believes, was pushed towards China. Their history has not been great and Russia retains some suspicion about China, but the current terms of engagement are dramatically different, because Russia is  now sharing technologies etc with China it would never have dreamed of earlier. That could pose problem for India going forward.

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan today warned India that by granting asylum to Baloch leader Brahamdagh Bugti, it will become an “official sponsor of terrorism”.

“India granting asylum to Bugti will amount to harbouring a terrorist by a state…thus (India) becoming official sponsor of terrorism,” Pakistan’s Defence Minister Khawaja Asif tweeted.

Asif’s remarks came after it emerged that Bugti’s application seeking political asylum in India was yesterday received by the Home Ministry which is examining it.

Bugti, who has been living in Switzerland, on Tuesday approached the Indian Embassy in Geneva seeking asylum in India and exuded confidence of a positive response from New Delhi.

Bugti is the President and founder of Baloch Republican Party. The decision of seeking asylum was taken at a meeting of the Baloch Republican Party on Sunday in Geneva.

He is the grandson of Nawab Akbar Bugti, a Baloch nationalist leader killed by the Pakistani army in 2006.

The Marine was lucky enough to be alive after getting hit in the helmet by Taliban sniper fire in Afghanistan. The incident was caught on one of the Marines’ helmet cam.

In the video you can hear the bullet hit the helmet. Luckily, the bullet didn’t hit anyone else, considering it could have deflected off the helmet and hit someone else.

They all should be thankful to be alive considering they were in a narrow corridor that would be an easy target for a sniper to shoot into. They all reacted pretty calm in the situation, but that could have been due to the disbelief that they managed to survive and had no idea that there was an enemy sniper targeting them.

The attack was caught on camera during a joint helicopter raid in the Nawzad district, Helmand Province.

A woman,  believed to be of the Yazidi-Kurdish minority, shot and killed senior Islamic State commander Abu Anas just outside the ISIS stronghold of Mosul, Iraq.

The woman is a part of a group of Iraqi women, who are growing in numbers that are fighting against ISIS, the terrorist organization that abused them for so long.
According to sources, the Iraqi woman in question was taken as a sex slave by Anas and then given off to his friends as a “gift.”
From the Daily Mirror:
“An Iraqi woman gunned down the ISIS terror chief who forced her into sex slavery, it has been reported.
The woman, believed to be be a member of the Yazidi-Kurdish minority, shot dead a senior Islamic State commander known as Abu Anas, according to Iraqi satellite TV network Alsumaria News.
Kurdistan Democratic Party spokesman Saeed Mamouzini said that the militant was killed on Saturday near the city of Mosul in Iraq.
He forced the woman into sex slavery and handed her to his depraved followers as a sick ‘gift’, he said.
ISIS believe that rape is a part of Islam and that it is their right to rape those that do not follow it.
God bless these women and the righteous work they do!

Reported on September 20th , as foreign media said China was ready to launch the world’s largest meteorological control engineering. It may could become the basis of the meteorological weapons in the future by using technology.

September 17th, Russia’s “liberal media” website on, quoted in the<< south China morning post >>reported that the nature of the project is made of artificial cloud over the Tibetan plateau.This will bring heavy rains to replenish the Yellow River water yield.This method is expected to produce about 5 billion cubic meters of precipitation annual year.

Qinghai university President Wang Guang Qian said, in the atmospheric boundary layer within the scope of the troposphere is stable and orderly water vapor transmission channel, which can be referred to as “tianhe”.Scientists suggest using aircraft and rocket seeding chemicals to rainmaking.

It must be admitted that many Chinese experts fairly sceptical about the proposal.They point out that the engineering cost is too much. And the reliability is lack of experimental data support

According to the report, in principle, we understood it. Recent 70 years, China has 27000 pcs of river dried up.Only September this year, there is 6 million people suffered from drought in gansu province, the losses of crops worth $500 million.To sdolve the problem of drought has becomed the top urgent problem.

During the Soviet era, Dr. Igor oster, zoff who has studied how to affect the climate (for military purpose) of technology science, said people also have nothing to worry about right now.

He said: “China’s water project will not be the basis of the meteorological weapons. Moscow will drive the cloud in all his festival, it is not surprise. Rainmaking have contact with wind direction, wind power and humidity. Supposedly wind can make rain fall, but the extent of the water won’t big enough to wash away everything. Besides, the price of this kind of practice is very high. The price of chemicals that are not cheap. Moscow can do this at holiday, but it cann’t be used to solve the problem of agriculture.”

With a gun!Fighting in Afghanistan, women from all over the world which is your food


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