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Jaish Al-Islam allegedly reached an agreement with the government and will surrender the strategic town of Douma in Eastern Ghouta. Reports appeared amid a series of setbacks by the militants in the region. The Syrian army is now deployed in a striking distance from the town. The situation with the alleged deal will become clear in coming days.
If the agreement is reached, some part of militants from the town will be transfered to the province of Idlib and another part (who wants) will receive a pardon from the Syrian government.
The fall of Douma into hands of the Syrian army will indicate the total collapse of the militants’ defenses in Damascus’ Eastern Ghouta region.

One U.S. service member and one U.S. civilian died as a result of wounds sustained here today. One U.S. service member and two U.S. civilians also sustained wounds and are currently stable.
“Anytime we lose a member of our team, it is deeply painful,” said Gen. John W. Nicholson, commander of U.S. Forces – Afghanistan and Resolute Support. “Our sympathies go out to the families, loved ones and the units of those involved in this incident. To those who continue to target coalition forces, ANDSF, and Afghan civilians, RS and USFOR-A will continue to pursue our Train, Advise, and Assist mission to help our partners create a better Afghanistan.”
The two individuals were killed during an attack near a coalition base by an unknown assailant in an Afghan army uniform, who was later killed.
They were conducting duties as part of the larger NATO mission to Train, Advise, and Assist the Afghan security services.
An investigation is underway to determine the exact circumstances of the event.
U.S. Department of Defense policy is to withhold the identity of those involved pending next-of-kin notification. We will release additional information as appropriate.

reports: Following a fierce battle on Monday, the Syrian Armed Forces launched a new assault in the northern Hama countryside today, targeting the key town of Souran near recently captured Kawkab.
Led by the Tiger Forces, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) struck Jund Al-Aqsa’s (Syrian Al-Qaeda franchise) defenses at dawn; this resulted in a fierce battle that is still ongoing at the moment.
According to an Al-Masdar field correspondent, the Syrian Armed Forces have entered Souran already; however, the town has not been captured as of yet.
hile the Tiger Forces concentrate on Souran, the 555th Regiment of the 4th Mechanized Division, alongside the 87th Brigade of the 11th Tank Division, attacked the nearby village of Tal Bouzam, inflicting heavy damage on the jihadist rebel defenses.
The Syrian Armed Forces are concentrating on two axes in northern Hama today; if successful, they could reach Taybat Al-Imam by sunset.

Military instructors from NATO countries were onboard a combat helicopter, shot down by servicemen of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) on October 13, deputy commander of the Operational Command of the republic, Eduard Basurin, said on Friday.
According to head of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko, UAVs attempted to attack the territory of the republic under the cover of the military helicopter, which was put out of action, but managed to land on the territory of Donbass, occupied by the Kiev Forces. DPR soldiers shot the enemy’s helicopter down, while it was attacking their positions. According to the DPR intelligence, the incapacitated helicopter landed near Krasngotovka.
The use of combat aircraft and drones, with the exception of UAVs of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine (SMM), is prohibited along the entire contact line by the Minsk Agreements.
The last time, Kiev used aircraft in Donbass on January 18, 2015. On that day, several the Su-25 fighter jets were noticed in the sky near Gorlovka.

Two former Iraqi officials have come forward to reveal that Saddam Hussein had a secret torture chamber inside the Mission of Iraq. The Mission of Iraq is located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and only a short walk away from Central Park.
The Iraqi officials, who came forward only on the condition of anonymity, stated that there was a “detention” room in the basement of the building where his Henchmen, known as Mukhabarat agents, would imprison local Iraqi’s and torture them for up to 15 days at a time.
The Mukhabarat agents would use wooden planks, copper wires, and rubber hoses to torture the Iraqis before either killing them or sending them back to Iraq. Once a prisoner was brought into the room there was no coming out. The Iraqi officials told theNew York Post:
“It was a dark room. The doors were reinforced in a way that nobody could break in or out. You didn’t need to soundproof it, You’re not going to hear someone screaming down there.”
The victims would be brought in to be tortured, sometimes on phony charges, and their lifeless bodies were shipped back to Iraq in unmarked customs-exempt boxes to erase any evidence. Many of the victims were accused of being “enemies of the regime.” Other victims were simply relatives of the alleged “enemies of the regime.”
The torture chamber was reportedly disassembled and turned into a $120,000 Kitchenette in 2014, years after Hussein was executed.

reports: The Russian Air Force launched nonstop airstrikes over the northern Hama countryside last night, targeting several villages under the control of Jund Al-Aqsa (Al-Qaeda franchise) and their allies.
According to an Al-Masdar correspondent, the Russian Air Force conducted several airstrikes over the villages of Ma’an, Souran, Um Hariteen, Tal Bizam, and Tal Al-Sawwan.
Taking advantage of the Russian airstrikes, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) stormed the small village of Tal Bizam, attacking Jund Al-Aqsa’s defenses from two axes.
Preliminary reports indicate that the Syrian Armed Forces have entered Tal Bizam; however, this has not been confirmed by the Tiger Forces and 11th Tank Division.

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The Islamic State, better known as ISIS, released an official statement on Monday, October 10 confirming the death of the terrorists organization’s propaganda chief. The statement confirms reports from the Pentagon which claim that the ISIS leader was killed by a U.S.-led airstrike in September.

ISIS has not confirmed that the propaganda leader, Wa’il Adil Hasan Salman al-Fayad, was killed in the airstrike. However, the release does match the timetable in which the Pentagon claims al-Fayad was killed during the airstrike on September 7.

ISIS released a tribute to Abu Mohammed al-Furqan on Monday. al-Furqan is an alias of Wa’il Adil Hasan Salman al-Fayad. al-Fayad has also been non-active and has not been seen since the September 7 bombing according to U.S. intelligence officials.

al-Fayad was the man responsible for many of the graphic ISIS propaganda videos that circle the internet and are prominent on pro-ISIS message boards. The beheading of journalists and aid workers that were broadcast, recorded, and distributed were arranged by al-Fayad.

His death is a major blow to the recruitment and propaganda efforts of ISIS, the New York Times reported. The distribution channels that once led more than 30,000 foreigners to join ISIS in Syria and Iraq have seen dramatic drop offs since the disappearance of al-Fayad.

In August of 2015 the group released more than 700 unique pieces of propaganda a month, that number has dropped to under 200 as of September 2016. Analysts believe the drop off is due to the death of al-Fayad and over a year’s worth of airstrikes that target ISIS strongholds. Rhetoricians working for the terrorist organization are forced to devote their time to creating war reports instead of anti-west literature.

According to the British Reuters reported on October 10th, according to sources, the new Afghan Taliban leader Habatura Ahunzada, till the May of this year, for the before 15 years,he has been in the southwestern Pakistan town of Cush Lark (Kuchlak) disclosed in a really clear Temple bear do missionary work.

Reported that, prior to this, according to Hubbard (Haibatullah Akhundzada) – Tula Ahongzhada in Cush Lark (Kuchlak) the details of life, did not have any relevant reports. This will also let Pakistan facing tremendous pressure, or it is required to take further measures to combat the “public life” in the territory of the militants.

As reported, by the government of Pakistan will take much effort to eradicate its territory and jihadist Jihad leader and disputes, has damaged relations between Pakistan and the United States. This is partly because the United States has nearly 10000 soldiers support for terrorist war in Afghanistan.

The U.S. State Department South Office spokesman said, the office is not suitable for the confirmation message posted a flood of Khabarovsk Tula khanzada whereabouts, regardless of its past movements, or the whereabouts.

In May, killing Afghan Taliban supreme leader Mansoor in the United States, Haba Tula is formally elected Afghan Taliban supreme leader.
The government of Pakistan has said it has made the best effort to crack down on terrorists, the government of Pakistan.

Russian satellite news network reported on October 10th, the U.S. Navy’s a destroyer was been attacked in the coastal waters of Yemen. The attack is likely to come from the Hussey armed force area. The warship has not been damaged.
The Pentagon spokesman said the missile launch from the coast of Yemen, the target directed at the U.S. Navy destroyer. Two rockets were not hit the warship, the United States said that the rocket or launch from the Hussey armed control area.
The spokesman said the United States warships to detect two rockets toward the warship, but the rocket arrived in the water before the arrival of the ship, the attack caused no casualties, the ship itself is intact.
Previously, the Yemen capital Sanaa Saturday had air strikes, according to statistics from the United Nations, air strikes killed at least more than 140 people, and more than 500 personwere injured. The United States government Obama said, they will immediately review the White House of Saudi and they will support coalition military operations in Yemen. And they called for a thorough investigation immediately.

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