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Defencell flood control wall is different from the traditional stone cage net, it not only can be filled with rock, even can hold more fine sediment, fill material use local materials, especially suitable for stone river downstream of the lack of use or the seaside.Using advanced tools such as excavators, forklifts, installation effect is a traditional sandbags several times or even one hundred times.JOESCO manufacturer produces box-type flood control wall folding packaging for easy transport, mobility is extremely strong, easy to install, the effect is outstanding, good for recycling.

JOESCO Bastion is widely used in the construction projects in our country, especially in some thermal power plants, large car factory, container data protection, computer room, indoor sports venues, all kinds of physical or chemical laboratory, underground passage, conveyor belt and so on, obtained the widespread use.Due to stockpile blast walls good weatherability, under the condition of normal use, can achieve demand of 50 years, according to the structure of the fire rating, reserve the fire resistance of concrete blast walls can be up to 4 hours.

JOESCO manufacturer production pool of blast walls have maximum explosion-proof protective effect, the current is done with the explosion-proof formation walls for protection, can be applied to different situations or the environment, and the explosion resistance and impact resistance performance, the other on the characteristic of moisture proof ability, is also quite good.It also has strong shock resistance, resistance to corrosion, for firefighters, resistance to impact is also quite good.When fire treatment, can from the impact, stable performance and effect of zhuo.

JOESCO Bastion fitness effectively reduce the terrorist bombings of shock wave and debris damage, and its low cost of production (construct), set up fast, is one of the important measures of counter-terrorism explosion-proof important buildings.

Explosion-proof wall system structure is flexible, USES a cellular structure, can very good and other steel structure are connected, when construction, only need to punch, don’t need other complex process, simple and convenient operation, the surface is galvanized steel material, can enhance the impact resistance.

JOESCO Bastion product features
1, with neat surface, uniform mesh, specifications and diverse.According to the customer request custom make all kinds of products.
2, the rust prevention ways: jinsu, galvanized, plastic spraying.Efficient processing, use life time is long
3, statement, black screen is easy to rust to use by itself, a little touches the water tends to rust
4, material: galvanized wire, black wire, change wire drawing, mild steel wire mesh is mainly used for all kinds of metope, ground.In order to have the effect of shock absorption, sound insulation, anti-crack
5, all kinds of industry: seedbed, brick with nets, airport runway, tunnel construction, bridge floor, the school playground and so on all walks of life

What is a Defencell explosion-proof flood control wall?
Has the ability of resisting blast shock wave, the explosion of damage can be limited within a certain range of the wall.With reinforced concrete blast walls, steel blast walls, steel explosion protection walls and brick wall.Reinforced concrete blast walls of steel staggered strong tie, the wall thickness is usually 30 to 40 cm;Thicken wall base buried depth should be greater than 1 m.Blast walls should be able to withstand the shock pressure of 3 mpa.In a device with explosion danger and no explosion dangerous unit, and in a greater risk of equipment should be set up around JOESCO Bastion or other facilities.

Security Defensive Military Joesco Barrier/Defence Walls/Gabion Box

(1). Easy to handle and install
(2). High tensile and anti-impact capability
(3). Long life, regular use
(4). Can be filled with sand,earth,cement,stone

(1). perimeter security and defence walls
(2). equipement revetments
(3). explosive and contraband search areas
(4). high way traffic managementborder crossing checkpoints
(5). flood control
(6). emergency flood deployment

JOESCO domestic we commonly used into the new military bunkers for explosion-proof, explosion-proof walls or flood control wall.JOESCO mesh cage in a foreign country is also called JOESCO basion, JOESCO barrier, but no matter how appellation, referring to the same kind of protection system is a military fortress.
JOESCO factory is the most professional domestic military explosion-proof cage manufacturers, I plant JOESCO series products exported abroad.

Joesco barrier is also named as Joesco bastion, Joesco defense wall, Joesco Barrier,sand cage, welded gabion box, etc.  It is a prefabricated, multi-cellular system, made of Galvanized welded mesh and lined with non-woven geotextile. Units can be extended and joined using the provided joining pins. It is easy installed with using minimal manpower and commonly available equipment. After extended, it is filled into sand,stone,then Joesco barrier like a defence wall or bunker,it is widely used for military fortification and flood control.Accessories Supplied With Carrier Units.

JOESCO Bastion manufacturers such as prosperous country once quite popular in Europe and the us is the present domestic also unknown.Especially in not long ago, the gulf of Mexico oil spill things in America, the company’s products play an important role, and fold the packaging for easy transportation, can move sex is extremely strong, simple device, the effect is outstanding, good for recycling.As a military equipment, can be applied to combat forces is used in the riot, eod temporary fort, fort, pre-war headquarters, to replace the traditional artificial trenches, effectively prevent gun bullets, strong reducing soldiers and casualties.As many as 12 kinds of specifications, the earth is gray, yellow, grass green, such as a variety of colors, and can sensitive combination, for use in different scenarios or useless.

Flood control wall adopts module design, good sealing, can form a diversified partition area, waterlogging drainage, and fast and simple operation, installation fast, can tear open outfit is convenient, reusable, easy to transport and storage.

The JOESCO bastion is a modern gabion primarily used for flood control and military fortifications. It is made of a collapsible wire mesh container and heavy duty fabric liner, and used as a temporary to semi-permanent levee or blast wall against explosions or small-arms. It has seen considerable use in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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