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On the evening of 25th, 26th I,ndia’s prime minister, Mr Modi’s home gujarat riots, 500000people took to the streets in protests and subsequent “looting”,throwing stones and set on fire, killing at least ten people dead.India’s primeminister Mr Modi through television and radio, calling for the hometown peopleto “keep cool” “riots and violence is not good foreveryone”.
On the evening of 25, 26, large riots in gujarat,modi hometown.500000 people took to the streets in protest, subsequent “looting”,throwing stones and arson, killing at least ten people dead.The Indian armyinto riots in gujarat area to maintain order, a curfew.India’s prime minister,Mr Modi through television and radio, calling for the hometown people to”keep calm”, emphasize can solve problems through consultation,”riots and violence is not good for everyone”.The Times of Indiasaid, “27th gujarat, enveloped in a peace”.

“Patel, who launched a protest ingujarat is the purpose of dissatisfaction with the government too favour and tootake care of low castes and the poor,” Reuters reported. Starting evening,patel people ahmedabad rally in gujarat’s largest cities, requiring the stategovernment to list them in the “other backward classes”, so as to getthe government department, university of reservation.Rally convener is a mannamed hardy, patel, 21 years old young man, he was briefly detained by thepolice after the rally, demonstrators clashed with police, then they burneddown the bus, car, damage public facilities, looting shops, against secretaryof state of gujarat, MPS housing.Police shot the crowd, killing 10people.According to new Delhi television reported that troops had sent 11columns to riots region and 53 militia to maintain order.At present parts ofahmedabad and surat is still in a curfew.
The United States, The Times said in 2002,the sectarian violence happened in gujarat, more than 1000 people dead, thenchief minister Ren Bang modi is accused of “responsible”.In televisedremarks after the riots, modi urged people to remain calm, called “riotsand violence is not good for anyone” “any question can be negotiatedsolution to peace”.But hardy asked the government to meet all the demands,otherwise will “strengthen demonstration”.He even threatened,”though you kill us many people, we will persevere”.Gujarat patelpeople group also called for farmers to stop supplying milk and vegetables tocities for protest. —–Choose Hesco Barrier editor

Due to the anti-semitic atmosphere thick, a jewish school near bondi beach in Sydney, Australia, safe for the students and build Hesco Barrier, to prevent terrorist attacks.

In August, according to the Australian newspaper reports, Sydney some places anti-semitic MOBS Shouting “kill” jews, “heil Hitler” terrorist slogans, such as have scared kids at school.In Sydney at the same time, the eastern region extending anti-semitic leaflets from door to door, also let the people of the community into a panic.

According to the report, the plugging Hesco Barrier USES the latest technology from Israel, built in the Sydney f vladimir yeshiva center front of the street, will surrounded the jewish school.The school students ranging in age from kindergarten to 12 years old.Inside the center equipped with closed-circuit television, intercom and bulletproof Windows.

The project director to introduce local media, the blast wall can resist wall car bomb attacks.He said that Australia is a country with a very warm, to provide opportunities to many ethnic minority residents.Every man living in Australia is supposed to be very friendly, but at the same time, Australia has not become complacent, or on the issue of children not irresponsible.

It is reported that construction of Hesco Barrier of project fund sponsored by private and taxes.The money from the federal government to ensure the safety of school project part of the funding.Government funding is geared to the needs of all education facilities, but most of the terrorist analysis used in the lock on the jewish schools.

It is understood that in Dover high axel bible school in the area were allocated $300000 to protect the safety of the campus and education center.Molly in the QPR Abel and middle school in 2012, received a $385000 funding, and its affiliated kindergarten and other campus received an additional $965000 to strengthen security maintenance funds.

Officials said the blast walls of Israel technology used in the building, is unprecedented in Australia.

In the foundation is weak, the carrying capacity of smaller or restricted by ground conditions, the installation Hesco Barrier when appropriate chooses reinforced concrete wall material.Underground embedment depth, according to the experience for tens of centimeters commonly to more than 1 meter, high wall design, determine the embedment depth, to prevent the deformation of foundation, affect safety.The width and thickness of the base, the strength calculation to determine the foundation bearing capacity and stability.Back in the water filter body or toes do other forms of filter to reduce the seepage pressure.Sometimes build peak after the back surface of the waters, to some extent, increase the stability, and good for temporary heightening, wave.Some cities in does not affect the premise of flood safety, use of flood control wall back kung, soil greening, beautification, add new landscape for cities.In order to improve the foundation, can pile under the flood control wall, increase the stability;For seepage control in ChouCao filling clay or other impervious body in the water.Some in seepage control devices based on the river regime situation, revetment or stone revetment to stabilize the bank.The Hesco Barrier, seawall engineering, there are 60 km at the top of the wall with reinforced concrete arc wave against the wall, some with arc protection wall to defense the winds and waves.

The HESCO Barrier is both a modern gabion used for flood control and military fortification and the name of the British company that developed it in the late 1980s. It is made of a collapsible wire mesh container and heavy duty fabric liner, and used as a temporary to semi-permanent levee or blast wall against explosions or small-arms. It has seen considerable use in Iraq and Afghanistan.

HESCO Barrier is a world leader and innovator in the design and manufacture of rapidly deployable barrier systems. Since 1991 we have been at the forefront of earth-filled barrier technology, saving countless lives and millions of dollars worth of property and equipment.

To actively explore the introduction of water conservancy science and technology and to use work, recently, the city is three headquarters to purchase a batch of movable type assembled Hesco Barrier equipment, the equipment can be quickly splicing growth degree of flood control wall of 1 km, 1.2 meters high, under the plan for city Po QiaoZha required for safety of flood control and consolidate the project construction process, and will depend on the situation in the city to promote the new flood control material.
Learned, fast packaged flood control wall is composed of steel and high strength plastic, the most prominent feature of the device is to install speed, only for the whole project with a sledgehammer and a small hammer to complete installation, 1 hour every five skilled workers to install 120 meters;And compared with the traditional sand accumulation, flood control wall reusable, fastness to better and more convenient transportation, being able to get the most precious time for fighting and emergency operations.This batch of equipment normally stored in Po QiaoZha flood control and material warehouse, flood struck before, can be quickly installed according to the circumstance to the soil or concrete, better cope with flood control and emergency.

Qiaoshi HESCO barrier were used to protect property in danger of being destroyed by storms and flooding. Our HESCO barrier is different from normal gabion box.It can load rocks,sand,soil,earth or construction rubbish.It’s widely used in flood defense,storm defense,levee elevation,levee repairs,wetland restoration and so on.


1. Flood Barrier / hesco barrier specification
Material:Low carbon steel wire, galvanized wire , zinc-Aluminum coated wire .
Wire diameter:3.0-6.0mm;
Spring Diameter:4.0mm
Mesh opening: 50*50mm,75*75mm, 76.2*76.2mm,100*100mm etc;
Geotextile: Heavy duty non-woven polypropylene;

Because of the flood damage is related to national economic development and people’s life and property security, relates to the stability of the society, both countries have always been considered for flood control and safeguard social stability and a great event, so the flood control wall was born.QIAOSH Hesco Bastion is part of the city embankment, its top elevation, is for the defense of the city fortification standards of flood, rather than frequent flood defense, is also a part of city landscape.

Hebei choose import and export trade co., LTD. The product is a prevalent in Europe and the United States and other developed countries, is the present domestic is still unknown.Especially in the recent U.S. gulf of Mexico oil spill incident, the company’s products play an important role.

Because of the flood damage is related to national economic development and people’s life and property security, relates to the stability of the society, both countries have always been considered for flood control and safeguard social stability and a great event.So also arises at the historic moment, the flood control wall of flood control wall is different from the traditional stone cage net (gabion), stone, not only can a more fine sediment, and can fill in data of adjust measures to local conditions, especially in the stone river downstream of the lack of appropriate use of or the seaside.Using advanced tools such as machine, forklift truck, device performance is the traditional sandbags on dozens of times and one hundred times.

HeiHbei Qiaoshi Hesco Bastion such prosperous country once quite popular in Europe and the us is the present domestic also known.Especially in not long ago, the gulf of Mexico oil spill things in America, the company’s products play an important role.And folding packaging for easy transportation, can move sex is extremely strong, simple device, the effect is outstanding, good for recycling.As a military equipment, can be applied to combat forces is used in the riot, eod temporary fort, fort, pre-war headquarters, to replace the traditional artificial trenches, effectively prevent gun bullets, strong reducing soldiers and casualties.As many as 12 kinds of specifications, the earth is gray, yellow, grass green, such as a variety of colors, and can sensitive combination, for use in different scenarios or useless.

On August 12 at 11 PM, an explosion accident of tianjin tanggu zone area, the flames.At 14, a total of 55 people were killed in the explosion accident;Hospitalization, 701 people, including 70 people in the severe injuries.      —HeBei QIAOSHI Hesco Barrier

Hesco Barrier : also named as Hesco Bastion, Hesco defense wall, Hesco blast wall, sand cage, welded gabion box, defense blast wall for military use, wire mesh gabion box, stone cage.

Structures and Characters: The Hesco barrier is a kind of modern gabion for Military fortification and Flood control. It is made of a collapsible wire mesh container and heavy duty fabric liner, it can be used in separate cell or some cells joint together.

Finish: Electro galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized, Galfan coated.

Application: Hesco barrier is also called hesco bastion, which is one of the most important protection equipment for war or flood. perimeter security and defence walls, equipment revetments, explosive and contraband search areas, Ammunition compounds,personnel and material bunkers,observation points,defensive firing positions,border crossing check points, protection existing structures, high way traffic management, flood control, erosion control, retaining walls

Specification of Hesco Barrier

1) wire diameter: 3mm-5mm
2) hole: 2”x2”, 3”x3”, 4”x4”
3) Hesco size: 0.61×0.61m, 1.06×1.37m, 2.13×2.21m, other sizes can be produced as requested.
4) Geotextile: In non-woven geotextile, color can be white, beige-sand color.
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