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Mountain torrent (JOESCO Bastion) precursory phenomena happened mostly has close relation with rainfall intensity.

1. The mountain trees rustle slightly disturbing noise, mountain mountain of abnormal sound.
2. Water level within a gulley decreased dramatically.
3. The gulley very turbid water.
4. There are abnormal smell.
5. With trees tearing sound.
6. Animals have abnormal behavior, such as a cat’s a loud whinny.

1. Both sudden, run fast.ShanQiu District because of high deep valley, the mountain springs, dense rain quickly into water, can form a very short time, disasters.

2. The destructive and dangerous.Mountain torrent disaster occurs, usually accompanied by landslide and debris flow disasters, such as often led to the suspension of highway, Bridges collapsed and other tragedies.

3. The obvious regional, prone.Mountains in midtown torrential rain, easy to form a striking water, cause flash floods (Joesco Bastion) broke out, the formation of mountain flood disasters.

With the development of the global climate change, natural disasters occurred frequently.Across the country will have heavy rain weather, long duration and rainfall is large, more some mountain in the region, due to long-term soaking rain and long time scour, serious landslides happened, caused irreparable damage.Ahead of time, therefore, the protective measures must be aroused people’s attention, my company landslide prevention device is a good choice.

Landslide prevention equipment – JOESCO Bastion.It is different from the traditional flood control facilities, with geotextile to replace the previous use of sandbags, fill in materials can also be used for in situ, such as stone, sand, silt, concrete, etc.Rivers downstream is especially applicable in some stone is scarce.And home xi’s landslide prevention equipment quality high grade, formed very convenient also, you can through the use of excavators, forklifts and other advanced equipment for installation, the efficiency than traditional facilities installation on raised a few times, even one hundred times.

My company’s landslide prevention equipment is made of high quality low carbon steel wire, galvanized to prevent the rust, prolong service life, a better quality of outside with geotextile for packaging, final assembling and fold, can complete the whole production process.

Said to CS then have to reminiscent of CS equipment JOESCO blast walls. It is made of the stone cage nets and geotextile multiple unit products, explosion-proof wall folding packaging, the advantage of transportation can move sex is strong, simple device, the effect is outstanding, recycling, etc. As a result of the existence of these advantages must be CS field indispensable prerequisite products. Also, blast walls more attractive and two points, i.e., waterproof and prevent guns bullets.

JOESCO Bastion is also known as explosion-proof wall, also can be used as military equipment, can be applied to combat forces is used in the riot, eod temporary fort, fort, command before the war, instead of traditional artificial trenches, effectively block attacks, strong reducing soldiers and casualties.Product features: folding packaging for easy transport, mobility is extremely strong, easy to install, the effect is outstanding, good for recycling.

Joesco defensive barriers/Defensive Barriers,also named as Joesco bastion,Joesco defense wall,Joesco blast wall,and cage,Welded gabion box,Defense blast wall for military use,Wire mesh gabion box,Stone cage etc.
The JOESCO defensive barriers/Defensive Barriers is a kind of modern gabion for Military fortification and Flood control.It is made of a collapsible wire mesh container and heavy duty fabric liner,it can be used in separate cell or some cells joint together.

Metal Gabion Box with spiral bound the weld shape before and after the panel,floor clapboard assembled after compression,and the net cover packaging of loading stones with wire cages.

Mainly used in water conservancy project construction, make luggage,gauze pad used in rivers,DAMS and scour prevention of seawall protection be or get out of danger,and the reservoir reinforcement,control and guide the river floods,safeguard river flood safety, solve the flood (JOESCO Bastion),resulting in large losses of life and property and a large number of soil and water loss.Stone cage net at the same time of strengthening effect can also improve the river environment,restore the natural ecological environment,to achieve the combination of ecological revetment reuse.Can also be used to park landscape retaining wall, foundation pit supporting,etc.

Metal Gabion Box


The Metal Gabion Box is made of high quality steel wire welding mesh cage.In the loading block stone or natural pebbles in the cabinet, can be used for highway, slope protection, the protection of mine, bridge protection, retaining wall, etc.Has the advantages of permeability and integrity.

There are two kinds of welded wire gabion mesh material:

(1) of galvanized steel wire: low carbon steel wire, steel wire between 2.0 MM to 4.0 MM in diameter, the tensile strength of steel wire rain or equal to 350-520 mpa, surface treatment of hot dip galvanized steel wire, galvanized the thickness of the protective layer of production according to customer requirements, up to a maximum of 360 g/m2, galvanized quantity most galvanized quantity at about 260 g/m2.

(2) the gore all steel wire, galvanized low carbon steel wire is alloy, aluminum alloy 5% – mixed trace rare earth alloy zinc layer.This is a use of new materials in recent years, corrosion resistance is three times bigger than the traditional pure galvanized, steel wire between 1.0 MM to 3.0 MM in diameter, the tensile strength of steel wire, 350-520 mpa.

What is the field materials warehouse JOESCO Bastion?

Field blast wall materials warehouse is also called JOESCO fortress is modern metal mesh used for flood control and military fortifications.Is made up of a foldable wire containers and heavy of geotextile and become, it is used as a temporary or permanent barriers, or in the fortress to block or attack of small arms.

Joesco is one chinese factory direct supplier offering welded gabion box, weld gabion basket, welded gabion
container, defense bastion, defense barrier. We have customer all over the world and get good reputation back
from all the customer.

Why use JOESCO welded gabion instead of woven gabion?
Gabions made of welded wire fabrics offer much strength compared with woven wire gabions while they have
similar flexibility.

Welded gabions are wire mesh containers welded with high quality steel mesh. They can be filled on site with hard durable stone materials to form mass gravity retaining structures. In comparison with woven wire gabions, welded gabions offer a higher strength. In order to meet different project requirements, various wire diameters and unit sizes are available for welded gabion boxes.

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