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Blast walls can be widely used in perimeter security and defense wall, revetment, explosives and contraband search area, ammunition compound materials, personnel, and bunkers, observation points, defensive firing positions, highway checkpoints, border checkpoint, protection of the existing structure, the freeway traffic management, flood control, river, emergency flood deployment, erosion control retaining wall

JOESCO blast wall features:easy to handle and install,high strength and impact resistance,long life, normal use can be filled with sand,cement,stone,soil.

JOESCO characteristics of flood control wall products: folding packaging for easy transport, mobility is extremely strong, easy to install, the effect is outstanding, good for recycling.Unlike traditional stone cage net (gabion), not only can be filled with stone, can even more fine sediment, fill material use local materials, especially suitable for use in stone river downstream of the lack of or the seaside.

Based on the same protective equipment used in forward operating bases around the world, JOESCO defensive barrier is best choice for your firing range and shoot house

There is no limit to the length of structures that can be created when using our earth-filled barriers and heights of 40 feet can be achieved, with the correct design, enabling the creation of levels and maze-like formations. It is virtually soundproof as to not piss off the neighbors.

JOESCO Barrier has number of models and modules with portable convying, quickly installation, various colors, changing structures,rapid dismantling and other advanced features

JOESCO barriers available colors are Beige, Olive green, white, gray and other customized colors,

JOESCO Barriers has dozen common models that divided into fixed and detachable type.

JOESCO team has strong designing and experience which can design different anti-explosion fortifications and flood protection project according to customer’s requirement.

Whether they are for advance shooters, rifle, shotgun or pistol, JOESCO defensive army barrier are engineered to withstand small arms and large indirect fire explosives.

JOESCO blast walls (English: JOESCO bastion), a JOESCO manufacture modern snake, can be used to establish temporary breakwater with waterproof, or used as a military fortifications.

Originally designed to prevent dyke erosion and flood control, water conservancy, was later American and NATO used as building forces the fort.


JOESCO blast walls is also called the military fortress is modern metal mesh used for flood control and military fortifications.Is made up of a foldable wire containers and heavy of geotextile and become, it is used as a temporary or permanent barriers, or in the fortress to block or attack of small ar

In the past, to build a fort(JOESCO Barrier), it takes several months, or even years.But after using this technique, the army of any country can almost in a few days will make a strong barracks, and the facilities.

Blast walls net is with all kinds of spiral wire mesh together are assembled into cages, when used in a box filling stones or sand, etc., it has a certain ability to resist blast shock wave, the explosion of damage can be limited within a certain range.

Explosion-proof walls should use non burning materials, and should not be as the main wall, its fireproof limit should not be less than 4 h.

Blast wall brick wall reinforcement can be used.When adjacent room more production personnel or equipment is expensive, appropriate USES cast-in-place reinforced concrete wall.

Blast walls net is with all kinds of spiral wire mesh together are assembled into cages, when used in a box filling stones or sand, etc., it has a certain ability to resist blast shock wave, the explosion of damage can be limited within a certain range.
JOESCO Barrier generally can be divided into the reinforced concrete blast walls, steel blast walls, steel blast walls, brick blast walls, etc.

JOESCO blast walls is with spiral bind silk before and after welding forming panel, floor clapboard assembled after compression, and the net cover packaging.Folding binding good stone cage all product, is an independent individual.
Explosion-proof wire mesh is made of high quality low carbon steel wire, in strict accordance with the standard through automation, precision, accurate mechanical equipment processing after forming, welding using electricity galvanized, hot dip galvanized or goyle every process such as surface passivation treatment.
Structure features: blast walls is a kind of modern military stone cage net used for flood control explosion-proof, it consists of a connected boxes and non-woven fabrics.It can separate the use of a grid, but also can be used together.

JOESCO we commonly used at home into the new military bunkers for explosion-proof cage, blast walls or the flood control wall, but no matter how appellation, referring to the same kind of protection system is a military fortress.
JOESCO factory is domestic most professional military explosion-proof wall manufacturers, I plant the blast wall series products exported abroad.
The purpose of the blast walls
1. The military USES: instead of the traditional sandbag, used as a military bunkers, temporary military fortress.
2. Civil engineering, such as fighting and flood prevention projects for flood control wall use.

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