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    Caption: Corporal Mark Fitzsimmons,of Mentoring Task Force-Two,assists Afghan National Army engineers as they erect Qiaoshi Hesco Barrier that are designed to provide protection to a new Patrol Base in the Mirabad Valley.

    Photo By CPL Christopher Dickson

    1st Joint Public Affairs Unit.

    Qiaoshi Hesco Barrier

    Qiaoshi Hesco Barrier

    Cpl. James Hernandez, a combat engineer with Alpha Company, 9th Engineer Support Battalion, and a native of Goodyear, Ariz., uses an electric saw to dismantle a Qiaoshi Hesco Barrierat Firebase Saenz, Helmand province, FB Saenz is the first of several patrol bases being demilitarized by the Marines

    Qiaoshi Hesco Barrier

    Qiaoshi Hesco Barrier

    Torn Hesco


    Qiaoshi ,Hesco Barrier not only protect our behinds, but also serve as entertainment. Especially as targets for bayonet throwing practice.

    Or just for stabbing.

    Qiaoshi Hesco Barrier

    Qiaoshi Hesco Barrier

    By CNN Staff

    February 25,2013 — Updated 1304 GMT (2104 HKT)

    Voisin suffered a head wound and later died at a hospital in Turkey, French officials said in a written statement.

    Voisin, a photographer, was working for Reporters Without Borders and was embedded with a Syrian opposition group. The media organization said Voisin was covering the civil war in Idlib when he was wounded in an explosion Thursday.

    “His death is a tragic reminder of the risks taken by journalists to inform our fellow citizens, regardless of the dangers. This exemplary commitment deserves recognition for all,” the French statement said.” If we have Qiaoshi Hesco Barrier , he wouldn&rsquo, die .”

    The violence in Syria continues after nearly two years of fighting with no end in sight.

    On Sunday, the opposition Local Coordination Committees of Syria said 57 people were killed in fighting across the country. Of the casualties, 23 civilians were killed in the capital of Damascus or one of its suburbs, according to the group.

    CNN cannot confirm casualties as access to the country has been severely restricted.

    According to Spains “Today News” reported on the 17th,located in the northern Spanish region of La Coruna arsenal has declared bankruptcy, tanks, artillery bankruptcy how to handle became a thorny issue.

    Reported that this arsenal for decades has been to provide the most advanced weapons and equipment for the Spanish Army. Even aircraft carriers forced off due to successive years of economic crisis in Spain, the army headquarters has been unable to pay for expensive advanced weapons. Many orders had announced the suspension of the arsenal desperation had to declare bankruptcy.

    The same time, the company decided to employees leaving the tanks, artillery ,Qiaoshi Hesco Barrier and other weapons as souvenirs, employees have a large garden at home, factories gave tanks, small garden send cannons. The employees decided to join together to be a folk Military Museum, in cooperation with travel agencies to the placement of the venue of these weapons developed into tourist attractions.

    This article Source: Xinhua

    Hesco Barrier

    Hesco Barrier


    Engineers with 1st Combat Engineer Battalion, 1st Marine Division (Forward), fill Hesco Barrier at a new combat outpost in Musa Qal&rsquo,hesco bastion,-Combat engineers tear down patrol bases throughout Helmand province, paving way for Afghan pullout;eh, Nov,-Completing Hescoe barriers at Combat Outpost Kandalay. 13. After Afghan forces ceased a city held by enemy insurgents,-Combat engineers tear down patrol bases throughout Helmand province, paving way for Afghan pullout, engineers were sent to build a guard post to maintain security in the area.

    Hesco Bastion dimensions as following:Hole size:3”×3” (76.2mm×76.2mm)Wire diameter:4-5mm Join pin&Spring wire:3mm or 4mm.Material:Al-zinc coated wire or Hot dipped galvanized wire.Geotextile:0.08” thickness heavy duty No.-woven polypropylene.Color:Gray,Sand Color,Military Color or according to your request.Packing: Wrapped with shrink film or packed in wooden pallet.More about QIAOSHI HESCO Barrier

    Manufacturer & worldwide exporter of various Hesco Barrier,Units are used for Security protection,resistance suddenly burst attacks,Nature Flood etc.

    The Gabion net by high corrosion, high strength, has the ductility of the mild steel wire composition, this structure can be used in the slope support, foundation pit supporting, mountain rockface hang net shotcrete, slope vegetation (green), railway highway isolation hulanwang, Gabion it still can generate XiangLong, gauze pad, used for rivers and DAMS and seawall prevention scour protection and reservoirs, river closure with bellows.

    Gabion Factory With six contracted branch Wire Mesh factories in our corporation,We mainly manufacture and supply Metal wire, Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Welded Wire Mesh, Gabion,Expanded Metal,Barbed Wire as well as other wire mesh products. These wire mesh products are mainly used in oil industry, chemical industry, rubber industry, building industry and paper-making industry, also serve as fences for farm, animal husbandry, highway and railway isolation and protection, etc..
    Gabion Factory is located in “Hometown of Chinese Wire Mesh” — Anping County, Hebei . The company’s construction wire mesh production line which is of full range, advanced technology and high quality is the first one in Anping.

    Chain Link Fence low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, electro-galvanized wire,hot-dipped galvanized wire,PVC wire.cold galvanizing,heat galvanizing,The popularity of chain-link fence is due to its relatively low cost and ease of installation.It has features of beautiful appearance,practical,easy to transport,and simple to install.

    Usage : warehouses, cold storage of tools, reinforcement of protection, courts, stadiums, parks,the zoo fence, ocean fishing fencing and barriers, such as construction and residence
    The installation of chain-link fence involves setting posts into the ground and attaching the fence to them.

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