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The JOESCO barrier or JOESCO bastion is a modern gabion used for flood control and military fortification. is made of a collapsible wire mesh container and heavy duty fabric liner, and used as a temporary to semi-permanent dike or barrier against blast or small-arms.

JOESCO, the leader in the design and manufacture of rapid deployment force protection barriers, is assisting the military and civil engineering to protect some of its key infrastructure from the devastating floods, the company announced today. Applying the same technology that allows troops in war zones to quickly install life-protecting fortifications against enemy attacks.

JOESCO’s earth-filled units can be used for perimeter protection, border control and temporary accommodation bunkers.

The multi-cellular barrier system is manufactured from welded Zinc-Aluminium coated steel mesh and lined with heavy-duty non-woven polypropylene geotextile.

The unique design, strength and versatility enable corners to be constructed easily, shaping the defensive barrier to the surrounding landscape and when joined and filled, the system can be used to create barriers of exceptional strength and structural integrity.

Standard Units

Whether used as a preventative barrier or to define boundaries, JOESCO units have been employed to safeguard personnel, vehicles, equipment, facilities and critical assets in a variety of military, peacekeeping, humanitarian and civilian operations.

Recoverable Units

Recoverable units are deployed in exactly the same way as our standard products, with the removal of one pin allowing fill material to flow freely from the cell. The units can be recovered fully intact and can be flat packed for transportation to a disposal site.

The so-called OESCO blast walls is has the ability of resisting explosion shock wave, can limit explosive damage within a certain range of wall.With reinforced concrete blast walls, steel blast walls, steel explosion protection walls and brick wall.Reinforced concrete blast walls of steel staggered strong tie, the wall thickness is usually 30 to 40 cm;Thicken wall base buried depth should be greater than 1 m.Blast walls should be able to withstand the shock pressure of 3 mpa.In a device with explosion danger and no explosion dangerous unit, and in a greater risk of equipment should be set up around JOESCO blast walls or other facilities.

Cairo (AFP) – Egyptian prosecutors ordered Wednesday that 12 people held during a protest against the controversial transfer of two Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia be detained for four days, officials said.( Joesco barrier)
They were arrested during a rare demonstration in central Cairo on Monday, renewing protests from earlier this year army hesco barriers against the transfer of Tiran and Sanafir islands.
The 12 are accused of staging a protest army protective barriers without informing the interior ministry beforehand, said judiciary and security officials and lawyer Ahmed Othman, who is army bastion defending one of those held.
Under a 2013 law, demonstrators are required to tell the ministry they are planning a protest, and the ministry is then Hesco bastion flood-fight barriers able to grant or refuse permission.
The 12, who are also accused of attacking policemen and destroying public property, are being held pending further investigation and possible charges.
The transfer of the islands was part of a maritime borders accord signed during an April visit to Cairo by Saudi Arabia’s King Salman.
This is being disputed in Egyptian courts, hesco bastion barrier system with the government pressing to approve the transfer, ministry of defence camp bastion saying the islands were Saudi to begin with but leased to Egypt in the 1950s
The deal prompted accusations that President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi had “sold” the islands in return for Saudi investments, and led to rare protests in Cairo.

BEIJING (AP) — China’s environmental ministry said Tuesday that an unspecified number of companies had violated measures meant to reduce smog during a period of particularly noxious pollution in the country.
The Ministry of hesco barrier Environmental Protection said that 10 inspection teams found companies resuming production despite a government ban and not complying with emission reduction measures.
The announcement came as 24 cities were under a pollution “red alert,” the highest warning level in China’s four-tiered system. When authorities issue red alerts, some manufacturing hesco JOESCO factory companies are required to cut production and heavily polluting vehicles are banned from the roads.
The official Xinhua News Agency said the ministry had given out punishments after finding that more than 500 construction sites and enterprises, including metallurgy, agricultural JOESCO hebei metal chemical and steel plants, and 10,000 vehicles had breached pollution response plans.
Beijing has been on “orange alert” — the second-highest alert level — since Friday. The alert was originally due to end on Sunday, but authorities extended it for three days as the smog persisted.
Residents in the capital said the gray (Military sand wall) air left them feeling depressed.
“I have a child, but I can only keep him at home and he can’t even go out for sunshine, which really worries me,” said salesman Zhan Yan.
“The smog has a big (Military defensive bastion)negative impact on people’s emotions,” said another man, Gao Yan, who works for a consulting company. “We really hope we can live with a blue sky and be healthy.”
China has long faced some of the worst air pollution in the world, blamed on its reliance of coal for energy JOESCO defensive barrier and factory production, as well as a surplus of older, less efficient cars on its roads. Inadequate controls on industry and lax enforcement of standards have worsened the pollution problem.

Flowers and a Turkish flag are placed near the entrance of Reina nightclub, which was attacked by a gunman, in Istanbul, Turkey January 2, 2017. REUTERS/Yagiz Karahan – RTX2X8FQ
Carnations(JOESCO DEFENSIVE BASTION) lie on the ground near the scene of the Dec. 31 shooting attack at the popular Reina nightclub in Istanbul, as family and friends began attending funerals for its victims.(JOESCO HESCO WALL) Turkey’s state-run news agency says police have detained eight people in connection with the incident. The gunman, who escaped after carrying out the attack, (JOESCO Defensive barrier) wasn’t among the eight. The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the violence, which killed 39 people, most of them foreigners. (AP)

MOSUL: Iraqi troops have pushed deeper into Mosul after a two-week lull in the operation to retake Daesh-held city. (Joesco barrier/barriera Joesco)
Backed by airstrikes, Iraqi army hesco barriers nsn special forces, army troops and federal police launched a push on five neighborhoods early Thursday. Smoke rose across the city as explosions and machine gun fire echoed through the streets.
Stiff resistance by the army protective barriers militants, civilians trapped inside their houses and bad weather have slowed advances in the more than two-month-old hesco bastion bomb shelters offensive to recapture Iraq’s bastion russian army second largest city, the extremist group’s last urban bastion in the country.
In an interview with The Associated Press on Tuesday, Lt. Gen. Abdul-Wahab Al-Saadi, commander of the special forces in eastern bastion army carbine Mosul, said his forces have been bolstered by reinforcements.

Salahuddin ( A source in Salahuddin Operations Command revealed, that a senior leader of national armed forces protective hesco barrierf the Islamic State group was killed in an ambush set by security forces in eastern Tikrit, Alsumaria News reported on Monday.
“Security forces set up an ambush for the Islamic State’s leader Mohamed al-Badri Abu Khamis, near the salt company, east of al-Daur district (25 km in eastern Tikrit), and managed to kill him,” the source told Alsumaria News. HESCO Barriers Blast Wall
“The IS hesco military fence producer leader was accompanied by three militants who succeeded to fled to an unknown destination,” the source added.

Turkey on Sunday deployed more tanks and artillery to its border with war-torn Syria, where Ankara is pressing a campaign to capture an Islamic State (IS) group bastion, reports said.
Several tanks, military transport vehicles and at least 10 artillery units including cannons were sent to Oguzeli and Karkamis in southeastern Turkey, state news agency Anadolu reported. Galvanized Hesco Bastion
The latest deployment came as Turkish forces tightened their grip around the IS bastion of al-Bab in northern Syria, as Ankara-backed Syrian rebels and Turkish troops pressed a fierce assault to capture the town. HESCO Basion In Military
Sixteen Turkish soldiers were killed by IS in the battle for the flashpoint town Wednesday – Ankara’s biggest loss so far since it launched its incursion into Syria in August.
The Turkish army said it killed 12 IS militants on Sunday near al-Bab, though it was not possible to independently verify the claim.Hesco barrier Hesco bastion
A Britain-based monitoring group meanwhile said on Friday that at least 88 civilians had been killed in 24 hours of Turkish air strikes on al-Bab, including 21 children.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday said “Al-Bab is nearly finished,” and reiterated a previous vow that Turkish forces would head next to the town of Manbij, a former bastion of IS that is now under the control of US-backed, Kurdish-led militia. HESCO Blast Wall
Ankara views Syria’s Kurdish forces Hot Dipped Galvanized Hesco Barrier/Hesco Bastion – which have played a lead role in the battle against IS – as “terrorists” linked to a 30-year Kurdish insurgency in Turkey

A fake news story claiming Israel intended to use nuclear weapons in an attack against Pakistan prompted a threat Joesco barrier/barriera Joescofrom a top Pakistani official on Friday.
The spread of fake news across social media platforms and various sites has generated concern in recent months, with Facebook unveiling new tools to flag questionable informationand Germany proposing even stricter punishments to prosecute those who publish fake reports. For many observers, the abundance of fake news reports emerging during the presidential campaign army protective barriers has troubling implications for politics. Some also worry about the potential for physical violence based off of inaccurate reports, as in the case of a North Carolina man arrested after firing multiple shots in a Washington pizzeria, which he traveled to after reading a false conspiracy theory.
The Israel-Pakistan confrontation hesco bastion bomb shelters began last week, after AWD, which fact-checking groups have identified as a fake news site, published a false report with the headline; “Israeli Defense bastion barrier mesh Minister: If Pakistan send ground troops to Syria on any pretext, we will destroy this country with a nuclear attack” [sic]. The site also featured a story that claimed Hillary Clinton was in the process of staging a military coup against President-elect Donald Trump.

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