Stone cage net, also known as snake cage, gabion mesh, rockfall barrier, Renault pad, English name: Gabion, Gabion Box, Gabion Basket, Reno Mattress, Rock Box
 In China, the origin of the structure in 2000 years of bamboo, pen craft, Li Bing, father and son for the first time in the Dujiangyan project, which is traditional ecological grid structure; China’s eco-modern sense originated in the 1998 grid a company called Southern Jinlida business. Now, as new techniques, new technologies, new materials, new eco-grid structure, successfully applied to water conservancy, highway, railway, embankment protection works. Better achieved the project structure and the organic integration of the ecological environment. At the same time and compared with traditional rigid structure has its own advantages, it has become the worldwide protection of the riverbed, Landslide, debris flow control to prevent the falling rocks to protect the environment of the preferred structure type.

Stone cage net is a kind of eco-grid structure, which consists of high resistance to corrosion, high strength with ductility low carbon steel wire or PVC coated wire using the above machine woven or welded together, using the network box made of structure is the stone cage. According to ASTM and EN standards, the use of low carbon steel wire diameter varies based on the engineering design requirements. Generally between 2.0-4.0mm between the tensile strength of steel no less than 38kg/m2, metal coating weight is generally higher than 245g/m2 the edge of stone cage mesh wire diameter generally larger than the wire diameter. The double stranded part of not less than the length of 50mm. To ensure that part of the wire strands of metal plating and PVC coating from damage.

 Stone cage net There are four main materials:

 * PVC coated hot dipped galvanized steel wire of high

 * Hot dip galvanized steel wire with high

 * Zinc -5% Aluminum – rare earth alloy steel wire 

 * Zinc -5% Aluminum – rare earth alloy coating steel wire coated with PVC

 – Hot dip galvanized steel wire of high –

 Galvanized steel is of high quality low carbon steel wire hot galvanized surface, wire tensile strength less than 380MPa, the amount of zinc in accordance with ASTM and EN standards 245g / ㎡ or more.

   – Hot dip galvanized high PVC coated steel wire –

 In the hot dip galvanized steel wire coated with a layer of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) coating, and then woven into the eco-grid, wire tensile strength less than 380MPa, this layer of PVC coating will greatly enhance the network of life through the choice of different colors so that it can, and the integration of the natural environment.

 – Zinc -5% Aluminum – rare earth alloy steel wire –

 (Also known as Al Gore who), a recent international emerging a new material, aluminum content of 4.5 to 6.2%, corrosion resistance is a traditional 3 times higher than pure zinc, with high corrosion resistance, tensile strength of not less than 380Mpa, stand strong deformation process conditions in winding, bending test. Consistent with GB / T 20492-2006 standard.

 – Usage Introduction –

 The structure can be used for slope protection, foundation pit, mountain rock hanging mesh shotcrete surface, slope vegetation (green), Railway Protection block Highway isolation, it also made cages, mesh pad for rivers, dykes and seawalls to protect against erosion and reservoirs, river closure with a cage.

 ● rivers and flood control and guide

 The most serious disasters rivers flow to river erosion damage caused by flooding, leading to significant loss of life and property and suffered a lot of soil erosion. Therefore, in dealing with these issues, the lattice structure of the eco-grid application to become one of the best solution, it can be permanent river bank protection.

 ● channel Canal bed

 Channel construction, related to slope and river bed stability. Therefore, select the eco-grid structure, a century transformation of the many natural rivers and artificial channels, the main method used by excavation. It can be played on the riverbank or riverbed effective permanent protection, he also controls the flow of water to prevent water loss of function, particularly in environmental protection and maintaining the water quality, with excellent effect.

 ● slope revetment

 Eco-grid applications and river bank protection structure and its slope protection is a very successful model, which leverages the advantages of eco-grid, to the other methods can not achieve the desired effect

 Grid structure of ecological advantages:

  1, flexible structure to adapt to changes in slope and not be destroyed, with better than the rigid structure of the security and stability;

 2, anti-erosion resistant and can withstand the maximum flow rate of up to 6m / s;

 3, the structure has a permeable nature, the natural role of groundwater and filtering function has a strong inclusive, water, suspended matter and silt to be deposited on filling of cracks, thus facilitating the natural growth of plants, and gradually restore the original ecological environment.