One of the least advertised to save lives and keep their jobs in Iraq is a QisoShi Barrier. It is a metal container with a tarpaulin cover durable plastic. Open and use the loader to fill it with sand (dirt or gravel), and you have a barrier to protect personnel and property from enemy fire (or bombs). Originally developed for use on beaches and marshes in the fight against erosion and flooding, “Hesco Bastion, as it is officially called, quickly became a popular device security, even before 11 September 2001. The device name, the company has developed more than ten years, a China Hebei company called QiaoShi.

Labor-saving angle is very popular among the troops. Before the QiaoShi Barriers troops filled with sand, which has been slow. Soldiers can fill about 20 sandbags per hour. Soldiers using the QiaoShi Barriers and the truck can make 10 times the work of troops with sandbags. QiaoShi Barriers come in various sizes, designed for military work. The size of these amounts (high, wide, long); [NO.QS1] 4’6″x3’6″x32′ ($ 301), [NO.QS2] 2’x2’x4′ ($25), [NO.QS3] 3’3″x3’3″x32′ ($220), [NO.QS4] 3’3″x5’x32′ ($356), [NO.QS5] 2’x 2’x10′ ($57), [NO.QS7] 7’3″x7’x90′ ($1640), [NO.QS8] 4’6″x4’x32′ ($329),  [NO.QS9] 3’3″x2’6″x30′ ($222), [NO.QS10] 7’x5’x95′ ($1727). There is also a set of bunker for the construction of bunkers. Most of the obstacles can be added. Obstacles are delivered collapsed and very compact. You quickly pull open, then fill with sand or dust. Filled with sand, 24-inch-thick barrier stops the bullets and shrapnel. Is 5 feet thick to prevent the penetration of the grenade launcher (though they usually are not affected by a right angle is necessary that the thickness of a lot, but it just blew up a large number of fragments.) Starting from about 4 feet thick to protect against the majority of car bombs. obstacles prevented HESCO hundreds of casualties among U.S. troops and did wonders of the spirit.