1.Introduction of good quality Joesco barrier bastion container:
Joesco bastion(steel weld mesh gabion)are good.
Solution for emergency flood control,shelter house,military defence wall.
It is made of galvanized welded mesh,spring with other fittings,can be filled with sand,earth,cement,stone,can be used in separate cell or some cells joint together.
3.Finish:electro galvanized,hot dipped galvanized,galfan coated,PVC coated.
4. Specification of good quality Joesco barrier bastion container
1) wire diameter: 3mm-5mm
2) hole: 2”x2”,3”x3”,4”x4”
3) Joesco size: 0.61×0.61m,1x1m,2.13×2.21m,other size can be produced as requested.
4) geotextile: in non-woven geotextile,color can be white,beige-sand color.