Gabion Box originated in Europe.Stil to now have more than 100 years history.Gabion box take box design in general,so that can put into more stones.Gabion box development to present,have two types,one is Heavy hexagonal wire netting and another is welded gabion.Gabion box mainly used for protecting river levee and road.

The Heavy hexagonal wire netting is combine with thin wire,and the mesh is hexagonal.Mainly fill samall and big stones.And mainly surface treatment is galvanized,galfan,pvc coated.

The welded gabion box is combine with welded wire mesh,the wire diameter is more coarser.Mainly wire diameter between 3-5mm.The mesh is rectangle and square,and the finish mainly is galvanized,galfan,etc.

QIAOSHI gabion box built in 1990.Mainly manufacture welded gabion and hexagonal wire mesh.We have 3,000 machines.And 500 workers.We take the new technology,do good quality gabion box.Our goods export to all over the world.And our client from many country.Geting best evaluation from our client.

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