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The JOESCO bastion is both a modern gabion used for flood control and military fortification It is made of a collapsible wire mesh container and heavy duty fabric liner, and used as a temporary to semi-permanent levee or blast wall against explosions or small-arms. It has seen considerable use in Iraq and Afghanistan.

1, explosion-proof brick wall: used in explosive material only a small number of plant and warehouse.
2, explosion-proof plate wall: channel steel frame, steel plate and frame riveting or welding together.Apply to ordinary explosion-proof places;
3, explosion-proof reinforced concrete wall: ideal Joesco Bastion.According to different wall thickness, and are suitable for all kinds of explosive-proof grade due to DWC industrial workshop and warehouse for light steel structure, high space, build brick and concrete wall is difficult, so often choose explosion-proof plate wall (the construction unit shall provide detailed installation node figure, at the same time to provide this installation method validation data)

Army barracks JOESCO Bastion has the ability of resisting explosion shock wave, the explosion of damage can be limited within a certain range of the wall, and take up the space is little, transportation is very convenient installation.Save work time.Its tensile resistance is strong, good corrosion resistance, long service life, also can be used repeatedly, greatly reduces the cost.

JOESCO Bastion is has the ability of resisting explosion shock wave, the explosion of damage can be limited within a certain range of the wall.With reinforced concrete blast walls, steel blast walls, steel explosion protection walls and brick wall.Reinforced concrete blast walls of steel staggered strong tie, the wall thickness is usually 30 to 40 cm;Thicken wall base buried depth should be greater than 1 m.Joesco Bastion should be able to withstand the shock pressure of 3 mpa.In a device with explosion danger and no explosion dangerous unit, and in a greater risk of equipment should be set up around the blast walls or other facilities.

CS is a Real a outdoor activities, popular with young people believe in friends who played with Real CS may have seen or know JOESCO Bastion of the equipment, it is essential in the CS site product.JOESCO is made of the stone cage nets and geotextile multiple unit product, its advantage lies in the transport of folding packaging, can move sex is strong, simple device, the effect is outstanding, recycling, etc. As a result of the existence of these advantages must be CS field indispensable prerequisite products. Also, blast walls more attractive and two points, i.e., waterproof and prevent guns bullets.

North and south concurrently, heavy rain process into sin, small and medium-sized rivers super p is frequent, the typhoon landing obvious early, local severe flooding.The national total 18 times rainfall process, the average annual rainfall of 198 mm, slightly more from the same period a perennial, 175 rivers occur successively has 13 provinces super p above the flood, including 32 super bao floods occur, article 5 off floods occur, hunan, chongqing, guizhou, hubei, guangdong, guangxi, jiangxi and other provinces in parts of the affected more severely.

For flood control and prepare the provincial flood control departments at all levels for a rainy day, based on the anti DaXun, da-hong, take big risks, save the catastrophe, efforts to do a good job for sin.Especially the standby JOESCO Barrier.JOESCO Barrier is the flood control and water retaining one-stop professional manufacturers, with independent processing manufacturing process, and their registered trademarks and the national patent certification, only a flood control wall can ensure the quality of our products with other manufacturers unparalleled advantage.

1. Keep calm and leave the low-lying areas, as soon as possible find the highlands, select favorable terrain.
2. The flood (JOESCO Bastion) comes, must not run in the valley direction, should be to the fastest speed to the left and right sides of the high withdrawal.
3. Transfer to quickly, don’t lust after financial, the optimal hedging time delay.
4. Avoid transfer failed, should choose a safer place.Such as stable and solid rock or a tree to wait for rescue, and constantly to send signals to the outside world.
5. To maintain collective action with the other passengers were trapped, obey management personnel’s command, not to act alone, to avoid the unknown.
6. In any case, cannot be easily wading across the river.
7. If you can as soon as possible, should be quickly to the administrative departments of the local police.
8. If you don’t know the local tourism departments or scenic spot contact way, can hit 110, 119, 120 call request.

1. The flood season (JOESCO Bastion), live in the danger zone of the villagers should be prepared to shift safely, tidy up the necessary items (such as a flashlight, suitcase, bag), etc.

2. The villagers daily life should be familiar with knowledge of warning signs and route of retreat, after receiving the warning, is established along the route of retreat quickly and orderly transfer.

3. Listen to transfer, command, head of an orderly evacuation, don’t lust after financial, etc.

Mountain torrent (JOESCO Bastion) precursory phenomena happened mostly has close relation with rainfall intensity.

1. The mountain trees rustle slightly disturbing noise, mountain mountain of abnormal sound.
2. Water level within a gulley decreased dramatically.
3. The gulley very turbid water.
4. There are abnormal smell.
5. With trees tearing sound.
6. Animals have abnormal behavior, such as a cat’s a loud whinny.

1. Both sudden, run fast.ShanQiu District because of high deep valley, the mountain springs, dense rain quickly into water, can form a very short time, disasters.

2. The destructive and dangerous.Mountain torrent disaster occurs, usually accompanied by landslide and debris flow disasters, such as often led to the suspension of highway, Bridges collapsed and other tragedies.

3. The obvious regional, prone.Mountains in midtown torrential rain, easy to form a striking water, cause flash floods (Joesco Bastion) broke out, the formation of mountain flood disasters.

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