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November 30, according to media reports, hiding in the eastern nangarhar province, an extremist group “islamic country” 29 armed with local taliban militants exchanged fire again (JOESCO Bastion), both sides at least 18 people were injured.

Dawn TV quoted nangarhar province government in Afghanistan said in a news report, site lies in the northwest of the province of hostilities Hu Jiya region.At least 6 “islamic state of insurgents were killed in a firefight, another four people were injured, at least 8 people were injured in the taliban.Report did not disclose the specific reason for the fighting and process.

Report says, the two sides have repeatedly clashed over the past couple of weeks, with casualties.

“Islamic country” with the taliban has yet to comment.

Since this year, the “islamic” armed repeatedly clashed with the taliban in Afghanistan.Hu Jiya analysis points out, is located in the border areas, has long been the government’s ability to control the weaker.In addition, often between armed groups to compete for spheres of influence, the local security situation has a tendency to deteriorate further.It is reported that at least 10000 homes for recent local war and fled.Local people have repeatedly called for the Afghan security forces to strengthen the clearing of the local armed groups as soon as possible, in order to maintain social stability.

Recently, the Afghan national army women in Kabul military training center to participate in training exercises.These women are wearing helmets and war boots, a submachine gun pistol, vigorous.


One U.S. service member and one U.S. civilian died as a result of wounds sustained here today. One U.S. service member and two U.S. civilians also sustained wounds and are currently stable.
“Anytime we lose a member of our team, it is deeply painful,” said Gen. John W. Nicholson, commander of U.S. Forces – Afghanistan and Resolute Support. “Our sympathies go out to the families, loved ones and the units of those involved in this incident. To those who continue to target coalition forces, ANDSF, and Afghan civilians, RS and USFOR-A will continue to pursue our Train, Advise, and Assist mission to help our partners create a better Afghanistan.”
The two individuals were killed during an attack near a coalition base by an unknown assailant in an Afghan army uniform, who was later killed.
They were conducting duties as part of the larger NATO mission to Train, Advise, and Assist the Afghan security services.
An investigation is underway to determine the exact circumstances of the event.
U.S. Department of Defense policy is to withhold the identity of those involved pending next-of-kin notification. We will release additional information as appropriate.

According to the British Reuters reported on October 10th, according to sources, the new Afghan Taliban leader Habatura Ahunzada, till the May of this year, for the before 15 years,he has been in the southwestern Pakistan town of Cush Lark (Kuchlak) disclosed in a really clear Temple bear do missionary work.

Reported that, prior to this, according to Hubbard (Haibatullah Akhundzada) – Tula Ahongzhada in Cush Lark (Kuchlak) the details of life, did not have any relevant reports. This will also let Pakistan facing tremendous pressure, or it is required to take further measures to combat the “public life” in the territory of the militants.

As reported, by the government of Pakistan will take much effort to eradicate its territory and jihadist Jihad leader and disputes, has damaged relations between Pakistan and the United States. This is partly because the United States has nearly 10000 soldiers support for terrorist war in Afghanistan.

The U.S. State Department South Office spokesman said, the office is not suitable for the confirmation message posted a flood of Khabarovsk Tula khanzada whereabouts, regardless of its past movements, or the whereabouts.

In May, killing Afghan Taliban supreme leader Mansoor in the United States, Haba Tula is formally elected Afghan Taliban supreme leader.
The government of Pakistan has said it has made the best effort to crack down on terrorists, the government of Pakistan.

NEW DELHI: Afghanistan is working with India to create a joint air corridor to enhance bilateral trade following Pakistan’s intransigence in denying transit rights through its territory amid deteriorating ties with both the countries.

Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has said he discussed the creation of a joint air trade route with India during his recent visit to the country, according to a statement from the presidential palace issued on Sunday.

The issue was also discussed when Ghani met a World Bank delegation headed by its vice president Kyle Peters over the weekend in Kabul. The World Bank supported Kabul’s quest for better regional connectivity, people familiar with the matter said.

Besides a joint air trade route with India, the Afghanistan government is also focusing on creation of economic zones in airports. During his visit to Delhi earlier this month Ghani had set a target of $10 billion for bilateral trade and investment with I ndia in five years, underlining the importance of a concrete road map for future collaboration.

He marked out retail, power, pharmaceuticals, solar energy, water management, ports and skill development as areas that hold immense potential.

“You spoke of a road map. Let us start with a target of $10 billion in trade and investment, five years and we are going to realise it,” Ghani had said at a business meet in Delhi.

Trade between India and Afghanistan amounted to $643 million in 2015-16. At the business meet Ghani had proposed formation of a task force between the industry chambers of the two countries and governments for laying a concrete road map for future collaboration.

Stating that Afghanistan had invested over $30 million in its airports, Ghani proposed formation of a joint cargo company with India. He also spoke of Afghan fruits that can be made affordable for the middle class and low-income Indian households.

Noting that the Kandahar airport has “first-grade cold storage capabilities”, Ghani sought investment from Indian supermarket chains.

The Marine was lucky enough to be alive after getting hit in the helmet by Taliban sniper fire in Afghanistan. The incident was caught on one of the Marines’ helmet cam.

In the video you can hear the bullet hit the helmet. Luckily, the bullet didn’t hit anyone else, considering it could have deflected off the helmet and hit someone else.

They all should be thankful to be alive considering they were in a narrow corridor that would be an easy target for a sniper to shoot into. They all reacted pretty calm in the situation, but that could have been due to the disbelief that they managed to survive and had no idea that there was an enemy sniper targeting them.

The attack was caught on camera during a joint helicopter raid in the Nawzad district, Helmand Province.

With a gun!Fighting in Afghanistan, women from all over the world which is your food


According to ria novosti news agency on January 20, a car bomb exploded near the Russian embassy in Afghanistan, up to now, the death toll has risen to seven people, 25 were injured.

According to reports, the Afghan foreign ministry has confirmed that there are seven people were killed and 25 injured.The Russian foreign ministry, said a source without the Russian embassy in Kabul in the center of the explosion casualties.

The Russian foreign ministry said in a news release, the Russian embassy in Kabul after a car bomb exploded near the embassy, take measures (Hesco Bastion) to strengthen the security of the embassy and the staff.

According to the previously reported, an unidentified person in Dar – ul – Aman street, a car exploded across the Russian embassy.There aren’t any terrorist group claimed responsibility for the blasts.

On January 13, according to report of xinhua Pakistani foreign ministry issued a statement strongly condemned the day occurred in the Afghan city of jalalabad in Afghanistan consulate of attacks in Pakistan.

Statement said that Pakistan has asked the Afghan government to conduct a comprehensive survey about the event, find out the reason that the criminal attacks, and notified to Pakistan investigation into details.At the same time, Pakistan ordered the Afghan government to ensure that the Pakistani delegation and the personal safety of officials.

In addition, Pakistani prime minister’s office said in a statement on the same day, Afghanistan’s President, California has the consulate of attacks on the phone with the prime minister nawaz sharif.Mr Sharif, said by telephone that terrorism is the common enemy, the two countries said the two countries will work together to destroy the terrorist threat.

An unnamed Afghan police officials say a suicide bomber detonated a bomb near the consulate with Pakistan after (Hesco Bastion), the other two of the attackers hid in a nearby building, was killed after a firefight with police about 4 hours.Witnesses said, in the process of fighting, the attackers had fired on nearby buildings including Pakistan consulate and throwing grenades.

according to media reports, Afghan California to on the phone about attacks, Mr Sharif and promised that he will strengthen security measures to protect the safety of Pakistan’s diplomats.

Observe 156: although IS organization IS split up al-qaeda, but IS and al qaeda IS incompatible.In Syria, after fighting in Afghanistan (Hesco Bastion).In Afghanistan, al qaeda support the taliban and fire incident IS constantly.Don’t assume that al-qaida has now no armed strength, only the tapes.Armed groups al-qaida leader in Syria’s tesla front IS the war began in 2013 and IS frequently, Mr Tesla front of military strength and the strength IS not weak in IS, just IS not so famous.

Other al-qaeda in Syria and an armed group called father, their core strength is osama bin laden’s those agents and underground personnel.In November, announced that loyalty IS a so-called Yale he martyrs brigade leader ABU ali Barry di and other leaders in a tesla front killed in a suicide bombing.

Recently, the news from another weibo, a suicide bomber in the IS organization, and in a good time every killed six IS a senior member, the base group IS claiming responsibility for the attack.The result now IS senior started strongly condemn such behavior, and also for “counter-terrorism”, a massive within the territory of the so-called national “war on terror”.But IS think abort Mr Tesla and father cried to the two al qaeda militants team, IS not easy, IS the core member of Mr Ezra guerrilla warfare with U.S. troops in Iraq, the veteran call father core members are all good at attack and it was al qaeda underground personnel.

Syria’s strength, now again grabbed all the ground hard task, then the enemy’s infighting, is definitely a big news.

If the two sides broke out again for a long time, large-scale fighting for the war on terror now, is a big positive.Want to destroy IS, after all, it IS necessary to ground, and both Russian and American all don’t want to get involved in large scale ground.Syria’s strength, now again grabbed all the ground hard task, then the enemy’s infighting, is definitely a big news.

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