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The weather heats up, the rainy season in the future, flood control and also want to do some flood control measures, like this kind of situation usually installed flood control wall, the flood control wall product structure is simple, practical very strong, more time to operate, can be repeated use, can adjust height, can more quickly respond to emergencies.For Hesco Barrier, we will continue to maintain the passion of innovation, with good water conservancy spiritual achievement choose career, realize the goal of people hydration.With a reasonably as mission, will choose into a world-renowned flood control engineering equipment suppliers has become our duty。

According to Moscow on March 11 (Reuters) Russia tambov 11 fire pharmaceutical factory production workshop exploded, killing 2 people, 3 people were injured.

According to the report, tambov fire pharmaceutical factory with a total area of about 600 square meters of production workshop was completely destroyed in the explosion.Russian emergency department, said the explosion may be in violation of safety operating rules.

This is the fire pharmaceutical factory second explosion happened since last year (Hesco Bastion).Last year on September 30, fire pharmaceutical factory air drying workshop exploded, causing 2 killed and three wounded.

Tambov region division, is located in Russia, the city of tambov fire pharmaceutical factory is Russia one of the biggest companies manufacturing ammunition and specialty chemicals.


On March 6, sheila city in Iraq, the security personnel arrived at the scene to rescue after the explosion.

Central Iraq city of the capital of the province of Babylon, sheila was a suicide bombing in the afternoon at a checkpoint 6 (Hesco Bastion) attacks, security officials said the explosion has killed at least 51 people were killed and 70 injured.

Central Iraq city of the capital of the province of Babylon, sheila was a suicide bombing in the afternoon at a checkpoint 6 (Hesco Bastion) attacks, security officials said the explosion at least 25 people were killed and 57 wounded.

The blast happened in sheila at the entrance to the north.When many people line up through the checkpoint, a truck loading large amounts of explosives exploded in the team, besides, caused a large number of casualties, also destroyed many vehicles near checkpoints and blow up.Rescue workers and nearby people had sent the injured to hospital.

Security officials suspect extreme organization “islamic country” made the terrorist attacks.

“Islamic state” is in control of the north and west Iraq tracts, and fought against the Iraqi army in several provinces.Since January this year, the group in the Iraqi capital Baghdad and other cities launched a terrorist attack.According to the UN mission in Iraq, only 2 months of violence and terrorist attacks happened in Iraq has left at least 670 people were killed and 1290 injured.

According to radio France internationale, February 29 reported AFP news that Iraq on February 28, local time, the capital of eastern Baghdad shia muslims gather a market exploded attack, at least 33 people were killed and 79 injured.”Islamic country” organization has claimed that the attack is they are doing.

It is reported that previously, an Iraqi interior ministry official said on condition of anonymity, eastern Baghdad Shiite district of sadr city in a market has two suicide bombings.Because the market was large, it is estimated that the death toll will rise.

“Islamic country” armed and located west of Baghdad attacked by a Hesco Bastion WeiDang military outposts, and control the outpost, killed at least eight members of the security forces.

This is since 2016, the report indicates the third bomb attacks in downtown Baghdad, is also one of the bloodiest attacks.Before the two attacks, a total of 14 people are dead and more than 30 people were injured.

Syria’s central city of homs 21 morning serial bomb attacks caused the death toll has risen to 32 people, and 39 people seriously.

The Syrian news agency quoted the provincial governor holmes tara le barak’s words, the report said the death toll could rise further.

Syria’s prime minister, Mr Harrer auspicious day issued a statement strongly condemned the terrorist attacks against civilians.He stressed that such a crime and cruelty will not affect the Syrian people to fight terrorism and the resolve to continue to national reconciliation process.Support and funding terrorism, he said, the country should be responsible for such terrorist attacks, countries around the world and international organizations should put pressure on these countries.

Two car carrying explosives detonated on the morning of the same in homs zahara area (Hesco Bastion)., according to picture the scene around the explosion badly damaged buildings, many cars were bombed beyond recognition.There is no any organization or individual claimed that carried out the attack.

Attack zahara district residents more supporters, for the government has repeatedly suffered bomb attacks in the region.On January 26 this year, a military checkpoint zahara area in a serial bomb attacks, 19 people were killed.

Holmes is one of the earliest places in the Syrian conflict, is the country’s third largest city and has an important industrial center.

Are associated with the PKK, Turkey “Kurdish freedom eagle group 19, issued a statement on its website, that has made 17 car bombings in Turkey’s capital Ankara.

Said in a statement, the group a was born in van province in eastern Turkey, 26 members of the 17 night made the car exploded in Ankara military core.The explosion killed at least 28 people, 61 people were injured.

Turkey’s prime minister, said Mr Davutoglu 18 surveys suggest that Ankara bombing (Hesco Bastion) the perpetrators of attacks for a Kurdish armed with Syria “people’s protection forces” have direct contact with the syrians.

Ankara’s chief prosecutor, darla, 19, said the Turkish police have arrested 17 and Ankara bombing suspects, survey work is coming to an end.

Over the past few years, “Kurdish freedom eagle group has repeatedly claimed that the manufacturing bombings in Turkey.

According to Turkish media reports, Turkey’s largest city Istanbul 4 grenade explosion incident, two people were injured.The cause of the event is still in the investigation.

Reported that a stun grenades were placed in Istanbul Sudan Mr Yili area near a bus stop the trashcan, blast injury result in two lines.At present, the technician has to the scene, police at the same time a massive investigation.

The same day, two masked youths in Istanbul ghazi Ottoman giza at a bus station dropped a suspicious package, causing panic.

Since January 12, a suicide bomber in Istanbul scenic spots sultan ahmed square set off bombs (hesco Bastion), killing 11 German tourists, Istanbul has been on high alert.

guizhou weining map bottom township AnPing village a family in two groups after a suspected illegal production fireworks explosion accident, the accident rescue work all over, the accident has killed 6 people, 10 people were injured.

For the harm of fireworks as is known to all, but if we can reasonable production and protection that can be avoided by these disasters.But how to avoid?Let us know choose blast walls.

Hesco Bastion military explosion-proof (network) is composed of welded wire mesh, lined with non-woven connection and simple installation, easy to use.Widely used in military security.Rivers, DAMS and seawall scour protection and prevention of the reservoir, river closure, etc.

Material: low sugar wire, al gore every screen hole: 76.2 mm x 76.2 mm, 50 mm x 50 mm, 75 mm * 75 mm, 100 mm * 100 mm

Mesh: 2.21 x 2.13 m, 2.13 * 1.06 m, 0.61 * 0.61 m, 1.37 * 1.22 m

Welding Hesco Bastion: main protection is widely used in war, is a way of protection in common use in modern war welding Hesco Bastion

Explosion-proof net production process: through the welding method, welding mesh, and spring connected, form a certain size of the cages, and then bind geotextile, stone or sand filling in the actual application, thus forming a solid wall

Hesco Bastion should be able to withstand the shock pressure of 3 mpa.In a device with explosion danger and no explosion dangerous unit, and in a greater risk of equipment should be set up around the blast walls or other facilities.

According to ria novosti news agency on January 20, a car bomb exploded near the Russian embassy in Afghanistan, up to now, the death toll has risen to seven people, 25 were injured.

According to reports, the Afghan foreign ministry has confirmed that there are seven people were killed and 25 injured.The Russian foreign ministry, said a source without the Russian embassy in Kabul in the center of the explosion casualties.

The Russian foreign ministry said in a news release, the Russian embassy in Kabul after a car bomb exploded near the embassy, take measures (Hesco Bastion) to strengthen the security of the embassy and the staff.

According to the previously reported, an unidentified person in Dar – ul – Aman street, a car exploded across the Russian embassy.There aren’t any terrorist group claimed responsibility for the blasts.

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