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1. Hesco Bastion Concertainer Material : GI Wire , Steel Wire , Galfan Wire , etc.
2. Hesco Bastion Concertainer Wire Diameter : 4.0mm , Can customized for customers .
3. Hesco Bastion Concertainer Spiral Wire Diameter : 3.8mm .
4. Hesco Bastion Concertainer Aperture ( Hole Size ) : 67.2mm x 67.2mm
5. Hesco Bastion Concertainer Feature :
Economic cost .
Easy to install .
Strong enough .
Long using life .
Easy to transport .
Not easy to out of shape
6. Hesco Bastion Concertainer Application :
River Bank Protection.
Military Protection .
Flood Control

Material: It is made of galvanized welded mesh, spring with other fittings, can be filled with sand, earth, cement, stone. Can be used in separate cell or some cells joint together.

The HESCO barrier or HESCO bastion is a modern gabion basket used for flood control and military fortification. is made of a collapsible wire mesh container and heavy duty fabric liner, and used as a temporary to semi-permanent dike or barrier against blast or small-arms.

1. Material: Low carbon steel wire, Stainless steel wire
2. Wire Diameter: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm etc.
3. Spring Wire: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm etc.
4. Mesh Hole: 50mm x 50mm, 75mm x 75mm, 76.2mm x 76.2mm, 100mm x 100mm etc.
5. Geotextile: Heavy duty non-woven polypropylene
6. Finish:Hot-dipped galvanized, Electro galvanized, Galfan etc
7.Feature of Hesco Barrier Price, Military gabion welded hesco :
Zinc plated wire , anti-corrosive, anti-cold, bad weather resistence.
Can be filled with sand, earth, cement, stone.
Easy to handle and install.
High tensile and anti-impact capability.
Can work as flood retaining wall, military protection wall, home garden deco basket.
Can be reused, because its easy packing and easy installation.

1. Introduction: Hesco Barrier ( steel weld mesh gabion) are good solution for emergency Flood control, shelter house, military defence wall.

2. Material: It is made of galvanized weldedmesh, spring with other fittings, can be filled With sand, earth, cement, stone. Can be used in separate cell or some cells joint Together.

3. Finish: Electro galvanized, hot dipped galvanized, galfan coated.

4. Speficications 1) wire diameter: 3, 4, 5mm 2) hole: 2”x2”, 3”x3”, 4”x4”. 3) hesco size: 0.61×0.61m, 1x1m, 2.13×2.21m, other size can be produced on Request. 4) geotextile: In non-woven geotextile, color can be white, beige-sand colour.

5. Features: A) Easy to handle and install. B) High Tensile and anti-Impact capability, strong structure.

Assembling the HESCO bastion entails unfolding it and filling it with sand, soil or gravel, usually using a front end loader. The placement of the barrier is generally very similar to the placement of a sandbag barrier or earth berm except that room must generally be allowed for the equipment used to fill the barrier. The main advantage of HESCO barriers, strongly contributing to their popularity with troops and flood fighters, is the quick and easy setup. Previously, people had to fill sandbags, a slow undertaking, with one worker filling about 20 sandbags per hour. Workers using HESCO barriers and a front end loader can do ten times the work of those using sandbags.

We protect homes from nature’s fiercest storms; keeping emergency routes open, hospitals running and offering temporary housing for those displaced by conflict or natural disaster. Rapidly deployable and readily available; we invest in solutions to reduce logistical burdens when faced with an emergency situation.

Expanding beyond earth-filled protection, our product range now includes ballistic resistant plates; protecting the protectors with thinner and lighter body armor.

Because of the flood damage is related to national economic development and people’s life and property security, relates to the stability of the society, both countries have always been considered for flood control and safeguard social stability and a great event.So also arises at the historic moment, the flood control wall of flood control wall is different from the traditional stone cage net (gabion), stone, not only can a more fine sediment, and can fill in data of adjust measures to local conditions, especially in the stone river downstream of the lack of appropriate use of or the seaside.Using advanced tools such as machine, forklift truck, device performance is the traditional sandbags on dozens of times and one hundred times.

QIAOSHI Hesco Barrier such prosperous country once quite popular in Europe and the us is the present domestic also known.Especially in not long ago, the gulf of Mexico oil spill things in America, the company’s products play an important role.And folding packaging for easy transportation, can move sex is extremely strong, simple device, the effect is outstanding, good for recycling.As a military equipment, can be applied to combat forces is used in the riot, eod temporary fort, fort, pre-war headquarters, to replace the traditional artificial trenches, effectively prevent gun bullets, strong reducing soldiers and casualties.As many as 12 kinds of specifications, the earth is gray, yellow, grass green, such as a variety of colors, and can sensitive combination, for use in different scenarios or useless.

Qiaoshi Hesco barrier is made of external welded gabion mesh and interior fabric liner. It is originally used to control flood and erosion of beaches and marshes. Recently, it has been frequently applied to military purposes. Quick installation and rigid structure ensures temporary or semi-permanent dike or barrier against explosions or small arms.

Hesco Barrier Installation
1.Unpack the collapsible wire mesh container from package.
2.Unfold the barrier and connect barriers to reach the designed length
3.Fill soil, sand or gravel into the container. The common machine is front end loader.
4.Compact the content
5.Add layers if required.

Qiaoshi HESCO barrier were used to protect property in danger of being destroyed by storms and flooding. Our HESCO barrier is different from normal gabion box.It can load rocks,sand,soil,earth or construction rubbish.It’s widely used in flood defense,storm defense,levee elevation,levee repairs,wetland restoration and so on.

Similar to beehive, Hesco barrier is comprised of external welded gabion and interior fabric liner. Its content includes soil, sand or little stone. The line would be yellow, grass green or other colors which blends well with the surroundings.

Benefits of Hesco Barrier

Unlike common woven or welded gabions filled with stones only, hesco barrier can be filled with soil, sand or gravel. This means raw material are very easy to get, especially suitable for the coastal area where is abundant in sand. Usually, front end loader is employed to fill the container.

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