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On November 27, according to the U.S. defense department web site reported that the pentagon spokesman, said rob manning the colonel 27 a mosque in northern Egypt’s sinai peninsula on November 24, was attacked and killed at least 305 people.The terrorist attacks was why the United States must continue to interfere with an example in the Middle East.
He said the United States must help partners to strengthen its defense and security “to ensure that the” islamic state of Iraq and Syria, al-qaida, and a similar concept of organization planning and implementation of a terrorist attack “.

For now, he says, has nearly 500 U.S. troops in Syria, has about 5000 in Iraq.He said the United States defense department officials are trying to publicly in security under the condition of considering allowing better troops in these countries.

Manning said Iraqi forces are trying to improve from recapture the “islamic” the security situation in those areas.The Iraqi army’s efforts including clean up these areas improvised explosive devices, and clean up weapons inventory, demolition of trap and the eradication of “islamic country”.

He said: “in Syria, in the past 24 hours, democratic army reinforcements to Iraq – Syrian positions near the border, rejected some of the scouts’ islamic state.”

Reported that the Syrian democratic forces along the Euphrates river south bank, assist the us-led coalition forces.Manning said: “the coalition to garrison in card security forces against improvised explosive device (JOESCO explosion-proof wall) training.”In addition, the coalition troops to communications equipment to draw CARDS.

Recently, the media, said Donald trump President President with Turkey, recep tayyip erdogan’s, erdogan anstone, discussed the democratic army to Syria with weapons.Turkish leaders worry that provide under armed Kurdish democratic army of Syria those weapons will eventually fall into the hand of the kurdistan workers’ party (PKK).

On December 9, according to Taiwan “central news agency” reported that for rocket attacks on earlier suffered retaliatory action, the Israeli military said the late to military aircraft 8 military facilities air strikes on gaza’s hamas group (JOESCO Bastion).Hamas in gaza by the ministry of health, said the airstrike 14 people were injured.
It is reported that security officials in the gaza strip, according to the target region in northern gaza.And the strike, is the President of the United States admitted that trump Jerusalem as the capital of Israel after the second act.
7 the Israeli media reported that the Israeli military has confirmed that there are 3 rockets fired from gaza into ROM township, generation, two of them cannot enter Israel, results in the gaza strip, and the third rockets into Israel, success fall in an empty place.

November 30, according to media reports, hiding in the eastern nangarhar province, an extremist group “islamic country” 29 armed with local taliban militants exchanged fire again (JOESCO Bastion), both sides at least 18 people were injured.

Dawn TV quoted nangarhar province government in Afghanistan said in a news report, site lies in the northwest of the province of hostilities Hu Jiya region.At least 6 “islamic state of insurgents were killed in a firefight, another four people were injured, at least 8 people were injured in the taliban.Report did not disclose the specific reason for the fighting and process.

Report says, the two sides have repeatedly clashed over the past couple of weeks, with casualties.

“Islamic country” with the taliban has yet to comment.

Since this year, the “islamic” armed repeatedly clashed with the taliban in Afghanistan.Hu Jiya analysis points out, is located in the border areas, has long been the government’s ability to control the weaker.In addition, often between armed groups to compete for spheres of influence, the local security situation has a tendency to deteriorate further.It is reported that at least 10000 homes for recent local war and fled.Local people have repeatedly called for the Afghan security forces to strengthen the clearing of the local armed groups as soon as possible, in order to maintain social stability.

According to the Hindustan Times of India website reported on November 16th, India’s home minister Hans raj, hill said, in addition to Pakistan and China, the “so-called friends” in Bangladesh also pose a security threat to India.

Reported that in India for industry and commerce association held a meeting of homeland security, he said: “in Bangladesh is the only so-called friends (India), it caused the most damage by trespassing to India.”

Association of industry and commerce issued a press release of India quoted him as saying: “it’s not just China and Pakistan, Bangladesh also pose greater challenges to our national security (JOESCO Bastion), I know this, because I have to pay close attention to it.”

India’s home minister, said the government to use the modern technology and equipment to contain the Kashmir into the problem, also took the same approach in other areas, such as dealing with the naxalites, widening of kerala youth radicalization problem, and the place such as railway and airport security problems.

Press release said, the hill is also welcomed for brokering efforts, in order to solve ayodhya dispute.

He said the government will demand for the industry and Suggestions for investigation and study, but it must come up with their own research and development of intelligent technology, the government will help to research and development in this field.
Reported that, according to Indian commerce association said in a press release, the minister said the government will hand in hand with the private sector response to India’s various related to homeland security threats and challenges.

On November 21, according to CNN reports, a pentagon spokesman said, on the 19th of this month, the United States launched air strikes in Afghanistan’s opium processing places.Responsible for performing strikes, including the U.S. – 22 F raptor, the F – 22 in Afghanistan for the first time to use.

The attack was part of the United States and Afghanistan joint action, the goal is to drug facilities in northern helmand taliban territory.

Andrews said the air strikes (JOESCO Bastion) is parked at the bagram air base in Afghanistan by American F – 16 and Qatar al udinese’s air force base in the United States B – 52 plane.The American commander in Afghanistan general John tells A reporter, A U.S. air force F – 22 raptor and Afghanistan A – 29 also participate in the strike.

U.S. officials said the strike marks in Afghanistan for the first time to use F – 22.This advanced stealth fighter of bases in the united Arab emirates muntadhar al-zeidi’s air force base, it needs to KC – 10 and the KC – 135 aircraft fuel supplies to reach the target.The air force’s central command, said the United States Marine corps also used the long-range high maneuvering rocket system, to support this action.

Shanghai hu hello: your site in my order for CS JOESCO Bastion has been completed, have qualified products sent to qc to check for loading, about 3-7 days to the arrival of the goods, such as blast walls of my company quality and quantity in doubt can timely call my company’s products after-sales service hotline at 0311 87733505 for feedback, we will solve for you at the first time.

Military JOESCO Bastion has the ability of resisting blast shock wave, the explosion of damage can be limited within a certain range, can be used as military equipment, and can be applied to combat forces is used in the riot, eod temporary fort, fort, command before the war, instead of traditional artificial trenches, effectively block attacks, effectively reduce the soldiers and casualties.

Other facilities: JOESCO blast walls can be called the flood control wall again, unlike traditional stone cage net (gabion), not only can be filled with stone, can even more fine sediment, fill material use local materials, especially suitable for stone river downstream of the lack of use or the seaside.Using advanced tools such as excavators, forklifts, installation effect is a traditional sandbags several times or even one hundred times.Blast walls, the flood control wall norms diversity, soil, gray, yellow, green and other colors, and flexible combination, for use in different scenarios or purpose.

JOESCO Bastion also known as water retaining wall water retaining wall is a new type of flood control products, suitable for rigid dam heightening, prevent overflow.Box of flood control wall is an important industrial and mining enterprises, guarantee town and along the rivers and coastal areas (part of the seawall) of the flood control safety, or other special requirements in a concrete or masonry water retaining structure, is also called the flood prevention wall.The role of the same as the dike JOESCO flood control wall.Because the city along the Yangtze river with traffic arteries and complex dense, sometimes because of the limitation of existing engineering, or because of the needs of the development of urban planning, or, for lack of soil source had to adopt JOESCO flood control wall, in order to reduce and demolition.

JOESCO Bastion by high corrosion, high strength, has the ductility of low carbon steel wire welding machine weaving, produced by using the net box structure is explosion-proof net basket.According to the ASTM and EN standards, the use of low carbon steel wire diameter and different according to the engineering requirement.Generally between 4.0 5.0 mm, blast wall steel wire of the tensile strength of not less than 38 kg/m2, metal coating weight is generally higher than 245 g/m2, blast wall edge of the mesh line in diameter should be equal to the cable diameter.

JOESCO Bastion, slope vegetative guarding block (green), railway highway isolation, it can also make luggage, gauze pad, used in rivers, DAMS and scour prevention of seawall protection, reservoir, river closure with a box.Is the most serious disasters river water scouring the bank make its damage, caused by the flood, leads to a lot of losses of lives and property and a large number of soil and water loss.So when in dealing with these problems, the application of the structure of the ecological grid becomes one of the best solution, it can make the river Banks of the river to receive permanent protection.

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