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One of the main advantages of JOESCO bastion units is its ability to be filled with almost any fill material. Only large rocks and clumps of earth should not be used.

For hastily required defensive positions almost any locally won fill material will suffice. The only material that should be avoided is that which contains large lumps that may create voids or damage the cells during the filling operation. Large pieces of material may also become dangerous pieces of shrapnel. Avoid organic material if possible but it is realized that in some tactical situations this may not be possible as it may be the only material available.

The designing team of QIAOSHI BARRIER held the products to the Beijing Guard Training Field of Beijing on Monday 2nd February.
The units were deployed and filled by a QIAOSHI construction team.They use the forklift truck to fill the QIAOSHI BARRIER with sand or soil.They creating a stand-alone wall over two metres tall and 15 metres wide. Guests included Chinese Army,goveronment and Embassy of many countries, observed the firing of various types of ordinance at the QIAOSHI BARRIER, including bullets, grenades, 10kg of explosives, and RPGs, testing the product to its full capabilities.
Carl,the producing manager of QIAOSHI BARRIER factory, present at the trial said:
“The barrier units were partially damaged at the front, as to be expected from such an intense stream of direct fire, but most importantly the rear of the barrier remained intact, and the structure still stood strong, still protecting. The testing was an absolute success.”

QIAOSHI BARRIER is a modern gabion used for flood control and military fortification and the name of the British company that developed it in the late 1980s. It is made of a welded gabion box and non woven geotextile.Then use temporary to semi-permanent dike or barrier against blast or small-arms. QIAOSHI BARRIER is widely used in Chinese Army.
QIAOSHI BARRIER factory has over 20 engineers designing team.We can customized different types of QIAOSHI BARRIER for our clients from Iraq,Afghan,Iran,United States,Russia and many other countries which invloved war .QIAOSHI BARRIER can also used for erosion and flood control.It became a popular security device in the 1990s.Our products continue in use for their original purpose.QIAOSHI BARRIER were used in 2005 to reinforce levees around New Orleans in the few days between Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.”These barriers are quick and easy to install when you have the right equipment, and can be stacked as high as you need. I felt safer standing next to Hescos in Iraq than concrete walls. Something the city would be smart to explore soon.”Said by Keth,a business man from America who live in Iraq.

QiaoShi Bastion


Using the QiaoShi Bastion to protect against flooding in North Dakota is new, and many do not know what they are. Here are some pictures from the front to show their construction.

Helmand Province, Afghanistan (April 11, 2009) Seabees assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 5 raises QiaoShi Bastion in compliance during the project in Camp Bastion of. NMCB 5 IS-deployed to Afghanistan to support the construction of the contingency and allied Membres du NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). NMCB-5 is one of the Marine Expeditionary Combat Command combat support units, to provide support to the host country and the security of the contingency construction. (U.S. Navy Photo: Specialist media 2-Class Patrick W. Mullen III / output)

Despite the unfavorable weather conditions led to a hurricane early this week Alex, Louisiana National Guard’s 225 Engineer Brigade continue the renovation of  QiaoShi Barriers along the coast in Cameron Parish, Louisiana.
The crew completed the site in two and a half miles of protective walls along the lower part of highway 82 between Holly Beach and Cameron ferry, just 24 hours before Hurricane Alex hit the Gulf Coast.
“Every time, when the wave rises to more than two feet above normal, it pushes the water on the highway. If these obstacles on the ground, we were forced to close the street, waiting for floods to go down and clean up all garbage,” said Clifton Hebert, the head of Cameron Parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness. “Thanks to the National Guard, the water never touched the road.”
Although the obstacles are not put in order to combat the high water brought hurricanes, Hebert said he calmed down, seeing their reaction to Alex that they are well under normal conditions.
Captain Scott Ingram, logistics seven hundred 69th Engineer Battalion, two hundred 25th Engineer Brigade, oversees the project Cameron Parish, in spite of the hurricane, their efforts have not slowed down at the coast. He says they will take lessons and use them to prepare similar circumstances in the future.
“We learned when Hesco basket near the water, they do not stand a wave, as well,” Scott said. “We are currently building a second wall as a barrier for the strengthening of the sections most affected by the hurricane, and we plan to build the wall further from the coast and in the future.”
Scott said that his soldiers are motivated and morale is high. Her crew plans to continue to work 12 hours a day until the completion of the project.

One of the least advertised to save lives and keep their jobs in Iraq is a QisoShi Barrier. It is a metal container with a tarpaulin cover durable plastic. Open and use the loader to fill it with sand (dirt or gravel), and you have a barrier to protect personnel and property from enemy fire (or bombs). Originally developed for use on beaches and marshes in the fight against erosion and flooding, “Hesco Bastion, as it is officially called, quickly became a popular device security, even before 11 September 2001. The device name, the company has developed more than ten years, a China Hebei company called QiaoShi.

Labor-saving angle is very popular among the troops. Before the QiaoShi Barriers troops filled with sand, which has been slow. Soldiers can fill about 20 sandbags per hour. Soldiers using the QiaoShi Barriers and the truck can make 10 times the work of troops with sandbags. QiaoShi Barriers come in various sizes, designed for military work. The size of these amounts (high, wide, long); [NO.QS1] 4’6″x3’6″x32′ ($ 301), [NO.QS2] 2’x2’x4′ ($25), [NO.QS3] 3’3″x3’3″x32′ ($220), [NO.QS4] 3’3″x5’x32′ ($356), [NO.QS5] 2’x 2’x10′ ($57), [NO.QS7] 7’3″x7’x90′ ($1640), [NO.QS8] 4’6″x4’x32′ ($329),  [NO.QS9] 3’3″x2’6″x30′ ($222), [NO.QS10] 7’x5’x95′ ($1727). There is also a set of bunker for the construction of bunkers. Most of the obstacles can be added. Obstacles are delivered collapsed and very compact. You quickly pull open, then fill with sand or dust. Filled with sand, 24-inch-thick barrier stops the bullets and shrapnel. Is 5 feet thick to prevent the penetration of the grenade launcher (though they usually are not affected by a right angle is necessary that the thickness of a lot, but it just blew up a large number of fragments.) Starting from about 4 feet thick to protect against the majority of car bombs. obstacles prevented HESCO hundreds of casualties among U.S. troops and did wonders of the spirit.

QiaoShi Hesco Barrier

Features: easy to transport folding packaging, highly portable, easy to install, results highlight, benefit recovery.
With the traditional stone cage net (gabions) different, not only can hold the stone, and even more fine sediment loading, filling materials using local resources, especially for the lack of rivers downstream in stone or beach use. With excavators, forklifts and other advanced tools, the effectiveness of a traditional sandbag installation several times or even hundred times. Hebei Qiaoshi of the product in Europe and the United States and other developed countries has been very popular, but still little-known domestic. Especially in the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in the United States, the company’s products play a very important role.

Installation steps:
1. Open the package;
2. opened flood wall;
3. connection flood wall;
4. for the flood wall mounted soil or sediment. Completed.

Material: high quality low carbon steel wire welding, excellent anti-rust zinc technology, plus high-quality packaged geotextile, and finally assembled and folded.

Qiaoshi Barrier there are 12 kinds of specifications can be applied to different scenarios or situations.

Other features: change to “Qiaoshi Hesco Bastion“, the can be used as military equipment, combat units can be used for riot control, explosive ordnance disposal temporary fort, fortress, war headquarters, to replace the traditional manual trenches, effectively preventing the guns bullet attacks, effectively reducing the soldiers and casualties. As many as 12 kinds of specifications, soil gray, yellowish brown, grass green and other colors, as well as flexibility mix, to apply to different scenarios or use.

“They have three legs, some of them have four legs and put them on the beach, of course, civilian contractors for us and bring a solution that will make a tour of the oil in a solid once it enters into contact with this decision,” said Capt. Mark Young , the National Guard.

On Wednesday, members of the National Guard put four miles Hesco Barrier at Dauphin Island. More Hesco Barrier must be taken to Dauphin Island on Thursday.

QiaoShi’s Hesco Barrier – USGovernment hoped that the system that was used in New Orleans, to protect the coast from Hurricane Katrina, will help protect the island dolphin oil.

Hesco Barrier were used in New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina to fill gaps in their system of dams.

Hesco Barrier Concertainer devices consist of a steel mesh framework lined with a material and filled with local materials.

Members of the National Guard were at the Dauphin Island last Sunday, making every effort to protect the oil. To do this, they have invested Hesco Barrier along the coastline of Dauphin Island.

When they are filled, cellular structure acts as a retaining wall.

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