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 QiaoShi Gabion Factory is on the basis of QIAOSHI (CHINA) INTERNATIONAL TRADE LIMITED (founded in 2008, one of the biggest manufacturers and exporters in China).QiaoShi Gabion Factory is a customer-driven producer and exporter of gabions and related wire netting products with good performance.QiaoShi teams work with customers to standardize a manufacturing process, and deliver products and technical services as needed.

 Our company possesses nationally advanced heavy hexagonal mesh machines, mainly producing heavy hexagonal mesh.The maximum width is 4.3M and the maximum wire diameter is 4.0MM.Specifications:mesh(MM) 60*80 80*100 80*120 80*140 100*130 100*170 170*170 Various specifications of products can be made at the request of the customers.

 Utilizing a team approach, QiaoShi delivers excellent customer services and products including but not limited to: hexagonal wire netting, welded mesh gabions, woven hexagonal gabions, gabions baskets, gabion boxes, mattress, Terramesh system, flexible soft hillside protection wire mesh gabions as well as other gabion systems.

 We manufacture and assemble gabion series to satisfy needs of environment protecting development. Our hexagonal double twisted wire meshes gabions have been involved in a verity of civil work such as river treatment, channel lining, slope protection, road embankment, pavement etc.

 Located in Anping, the hometown of Wire Mesh in China, QiaoShi is able to supply good quality products with less cost and less time. This enables us to be competitive among the suppliers.

 Main Characteristics of Stone Netting :
1. Good adaptablity:adapting to the deformation of the groundwork.
2. High flexibility:not likely to be broken,bearing a large range of deformation without collapsing.
3. Anticorrosive and washing-away-resisting,high resistance to natural damage,bad climate,quake and impact.
4. With both penetratability and non-penetratability,damage caused by fluid static power is prevented.
5. Easy construction,not needing special technique,only putting stones into the gabions and tiding the gabion opening.
6. Saving transport fees:folded when transported and assembled on the work site.

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