Bridge Protection System

Gabions can be used in various ways to stabilize the soil around bridges, including the slopes of bridge piers and abutments. Generally speaking, a standard geogrid retaining wall is required for slopes with an angle of 1:1 or steeper, while geogrid or Reno mattress can be used for slopes with an angle of 1:1.5 or less.




A Reno mattress is a rectangularly shaped basket made of a double-twist hexagonal weave galvanized steel wire mesh. The internal partitions of the Reno mattress are designed to form equal-sized compartments or cells within the mattress, ensuring that the stone fill remains evenly distributed throughout the entire mattress even after structural movement. This ensures that the Reno mattress remains in close contact with the underlying soil.


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The main features of a bridge protection system include:

1. Good adaptability: it can adapt to the deformation of the foundation.
2. High flexibility: it is not easy to crack and can bear loads without collapsing over a large range of deformations.
3. Permeable and impermeable properties: it can prevent damage caused by liquid hydrostatic pressure.
4. Resistance to corrosion and abrasion: it has high resistance to natural damage, severe weather, earthquakes, and impact.


Landscape gabion has many advantages

  Landscape gabion has many advantages. It has strong integrity and stability, which can effectively ensure the stability and service life of the entire structure. It has good

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