Erosion control blankets installation guide

erosion control blankets installation guide 1 erosion control blankets installation guide 2

erosion control blankets installation guide 5Fixing patterns will vary depending on application type, slope length, slope grade, soil type, and annual rainfall. The fixing patterns shown above are based on slope length and slope grade. Increased fixing rates may be necessary depending on site conditions.
Peg types are shown in Figure 3.
MacPeg 200 mm and 300 mm in length to cater to different soil conditions are available from Zhengyang.
For detailed specific recommendations, contact us.

Slope Installation

  • Prepare the site by removing large rocks, obstructions, or materials that may prevent the mat from making direct firm contact with the soil.
  • Regrade the site as per the design. If topsoil has been removed, import topsoil, and grade out over the site.
  • Seed the topsoil. Avoid over-compacting, which destroys the soil’s “crumb” structure. Anchor the mat at the top of the slope in a 300 mm x 300 mm trench. Backfill and compact the trench. (See Figure 5).
  • Unroll the mat down the slope. Take care not to stretch the mat.
  • Sprinkle 100 mm of soil onto the mat surface to weigh the matting down to mold closely to the soil profile.
  • Fix the mat in position in accordance with the product fixing guide. Ensure there are sufficient pegs to maintain firm contact with the soil. Pegs on 100 mm overlaps should be at 0.5 m spacing. Placed up and down the joint, not across the joint.
  • Ensure that the mat is well secure and protected from overland flow, floodwaters, and wind.
  • Plant or seed as per the design with grasses, aquatic plants, rooted cuttings, seeded topsoil, or hydroseeding.
  • Irrigate as required. Keep animal stock off until sustainable vegetation is established.

Channel Installation Considerations

  • Dig a trench 300 mm deep across the channel at the downstream end of the project. Secure the mat in the trench, backfill, and compact the earth. Unroll the mat upstream. For larger channels with steeper slopes, it is preferable to place the mats perpendicular to the direction of flow.
  • Secure the mat in intermittent trenches along the length of the channel. The mat also needs to be secured in a trench along the water’s edge and upstream when the lining is complete to prevent undermining.
  • Parallel rolls should be overlapped 100-150 mm with the upstream section overlapping the downstream section.

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