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1. Material: high quality low carbon steel wire
2. Surface treatment: electro galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized, pvc coated, stainless steel
3. Mesh wire /body wire: 2.0mm-3.0mm
4. Edge wire/selvedge wire: 3.0mm-4.0mm
5. Lacing wire /tie wire: 2.0mm-2.2mm
6. Mesh size/opening: 50*50mm, 50*100mm
7. Zinc coating: 40-290g/mm2
8. Application: Flood dam, dam and diversion, Prevent soil erosion, bridge protection, retaining wall, road protection
9. Feature:easy to install, beautiful structure, low cost, it is the best choice for garden decoration greening slope.

Gabion box is the most common type of gabion structures. It is a rectangular woven wire mesh basket filled with rock to form flexible, permeable, monolithic structures such as retaining walls for commercial, industrial and road projects. They are also used for erosion control, bank stabilization, architectural and urban design features, noise attenuation structures and weirs. Material: hot dip galvanized wire, PVC coated wire suface treatment: 1. Electro galv. Gabion box 2.Common Hot-dipped galv. Gabion box, Zinc coated about 50g/m2 3.Heavy Hot-dipped galv. Gabion box, Zinc coating complies to ASTM-A641-1998 & EN *-2 4.PVC coated gabion box complies to ASTM A975& EN -2 Features:

1,Economic. Just fill the stone into the gabions and seal it.
2,Simple installation. No special technology needed.
3,Weather proof under natural destroys and corrosion resistant.
4,No collapse even under big scope of deforming.
5,Sludge in the stones is good for plant growing. Mixed to form a integrity with the natural environment.
6,Good permeation can prevent the damage by hydrostatic.
7,Less transport freight. It can be folded together for transport and further installation. Packing:For easy handing and shipping,the gabions are supplied folded flat.A color stripe applied on the side of each folded gabion identifies the size. Loading:Usually,gabions will be loaded into 40ft containers to save cost.



Gabion Box originated in Europe.Stil to now have more than 100 years history.Gabion box take box design in general,so that can put into more stones.Gabion box development to present,have two types,one is Heavy hexagonal wire netting and another is welded gabion.Gabion box mainly used for protecting river levee and road.

The Heavy hexagonal wire netting is combine with thin wire,and the mesh is hexagonal.Mainly fill samall and big stones.And mainly surface treatment is galvanized,galfan,pvc coated.

The welded gabion box is combine with welded wire mesh,the wire diameter is more coarser.Mainly wire diameter between 3-5mm.The mesh is rectangle and square,and the finish mainly is galvanized,galfan,etc.

QIAOSHI gabion box built in 1990.Mainly manufacture welded gabion and hexagonal wire mesh.We have 3,000 machines.And 500 workers.We take the new technology,do good quality gabion box.Our goods export to all over the world.And our client from many country.Geting best evaluation from our client.

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The Gabion net by high corrosion, high strength, has the ductility of the mild steel wire composition, this structure can be used in the slope support, foundation pit supporting, mountain rockface hang net shotcrete, slope vegetation (green), railway highway isolation hulanwang, Gabion it still can generate XiangLong, gauze pad, used for rivers and DAMS and seawall prevention scour protection and reservoirs, river closure with bellows.

Gabion Factory With six contracted branch Wire Mesh factories in our corporation,We mainly manufacture and supply Metal wire, Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Welded Wire Mesh, Gabion,Expanded Metal,Barbed Wire as well as other wire mesh products. These wire mesh products are mainly used in oil industry, chemical industry, rubber industry, building industry and paper-making industry, also serve as fences for farm, animal husbandry, highway and railway isolation and protection, etc..
Gabion Factory is located in “Hometown of Chinese Wire Mesh” — Anping County, Hebei . The company’s construction wire mesh production line which is of full range, advanced technology and high quality is the first one in Anping.

,hexagonal wire meshes-厂家直供防爆墙铁丝网箱,weld wire mesh



河北乔士 是您最好的选择


镀锌防爆墙,是防爆墙最常规的一种处理方式,hesco bastion,一般为后电镀和后热镀,gabion,生产工艺为:用黑铁丝焊接后再电镀或者是热镀锌,这样表面没有焊接点,studded t post-厂家直供防爆墙铁丝网箱,表面比较好看漂亮

作为防爆墙生产厂家/供应商/工厂,防爆墙-厂家直供防爆墙铁丝网箱,我们始终坚持以质量求生存,以信誉存发展,gabion box,质量有保证,价格公道




Welded Gabion Box serves as guards in building and factories,as animal enclosure and wire mesh fences
in agriculture;welded gabion box also serves in horticulture industry as guards for trees and plants.Each Welded Gabion Box is constructed of rugged hight tensile wire which is coated with a thick, cor-rosion-resistant layer of zinc.Welded Gabion Box has the advantages of beautiful construction and low cost.It is the best choice of garden decoration and greening.

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Gabion Box is a mesh of galvanized wire or PVC coating wire.Gabion Box has many characteristic for example:It only needs to put stone into the gabion and seal it;It is no need to use special technology. It can bear big changes without collapsing and so on.The construction is simple, no special technology. It have a strong withstand natural damage and corrosion and
anti-weather impacts.Gabion Box can withstand a wide range of deformation, but not collapse.
It has a good permeability, to prevent the hydrostatic damage.



Gabion has fine features of neat&precise,structures,durable&strongly rust-resistant and fine anti-corrosiveness.Gabion is widely used in industry, agriculture,building,house fencing,machinery enclosures fence,also used in filtering liquid and gas,sieving grain.

Material:Black/Electro Gal./Hot Dip Gal.Iron Wire

The paper Gabion


The paper gabions
Gabions are rectangular wire mesh baskets filled with rock at the project site to form flexible, permeable, monolithic structures such as retaining walls for commercial, industrial and road projects. They are also used for erosion control, bank stabilization, channel linings, and weirs.
Gabions strength comes from a double twisted hexagonal mesh of steel wire which is reinforced by selvedges of heavier wire running along the edges and by transverse diaphragms. The double twisted wire will not unravel, even when cut.
Our gabions very easy to assemble, require no specialized labor and nearby rock can be used for fill.  gabions are available with different levels of protective coating for durability. With 30% voids gabion structures offer free drainage providing a higher bank stability when used for river bank protection.

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