Gabion Mats, Gabion “Reno” Mattresses

Gabion Mats
Gabion Mats

When requesting a quote, please specify:
size of units (length x width x height)
type of mesh
type of coating
EXAMPLE: No. 100 Reno mattresses 4x2x0.23 m – Mesh type 6×8 – Wire diam. 2.2 mm – Galvanized

The Gabion Reno Mattress is a structure made of hexagonal double-twisted wire mesh. Gabion Reno Mattress are filled with stones at the project site to form flexible and permeable, monolithic structures such as river bank protection and channel linings for erosion control. The steel wire used to manufacture the mattress is heavily zinc-coated tempered steel. The standard combinations of mesh are shown in Table. In order to reinforce the structure, all mesh panel edges are selvedged with a wire having a greater diameter. Gabion Reno mattresses are divided into uniformly partitioned cells by internal diaphragms.

Table of sizes for Reno mattresses:
Table of sizes for Reno mattresses
All sizes and dimensions are nominal. Tolerances of ± 3% of the width, length, and ±2.5 cm of the height shall be permitted
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Gabion Reno Mattress
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Gabion Reno Mattress
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